Police using video footage to help arrest and charge protesters


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The homes of two women who wrote to the police requesting permission to march on behalf of the self-proclaimed Freedom Fighters were raided sometime this morning.

The women were taken into police custody and are being held at the Police Headquarters, according to sources.

The news comes a day after Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney told the media at a press conference that some protestors, including organisers of the demonstration could be arrested and charged.

He said action would be taken once there is evidence to suggest that the organisers continued to organize and advertise the march despite being denied by police.

So far, 10 people have been arrested for throwing missiles – with more expected as investigations continue.

Rodney told reporters yesterday that a special team had been established to investigate what led to the clashes between police and civilians. He said they would be reviewing photos and videos for evidence of unlawful activities. (Daily Observer)

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  1. I need to make a footage of my children so y’all can show one of your officers because he seemed to have forgotten they exist!

  2. This bitch! These bitches got some nerves!!! They are investigating WHAT started the clash? He forgot that the document was sent out mentioning that the march was denied so there will be a PEACEFUL PROTEST instead? It was read on Observer radio too. I still have a copy of it. I hope they got the facts in court because this one will be taken to the highest place it can go.
    Set a liard wicked demonic bastards!

  3. Hope yall show the video to the commissioner where the police men beating the man in his head with there gun. That he claimed he nah see….lies!!!!

  4. Feel free in Gaston Brownie’s Antigua?? It belongs to him and the rich corporations, not the average Antiguan.

  5. Lies and more lies. Police caused the situation to have gotten out of control. They should be arrested too. I hope they have evidence for the Court before they look like fools again.

  6. The Police is quite in order to arrest These UPP OPERATIVES for conducting an ILLEGAL MARCH / PROTEST. Why would Someone bring Children and the ELDERLY to an ILLEGAL PROTEST / MARCH? It shows the irresponsibility of these Persons.

  7. People will always defend themselves if the police or anyone try violate, that is automatic, you can’t try bully people who abiding by the law and you infringing on people rights and expect we nah do nothing to defend ourselves. We will fight for our rights, “neva fraid, neva fret, neva sell out yet, gangsta for life until we last breath”, ok that last part was a song, just wanted to say that….lol yea but the police an dem wrong if dem a try violate innocent people.

  8. Seems this is only what these police officers can do. Brutalize Antiguans. Why don’t these duffers and partially illiterate officers go and solve all the unsolved crimes and murders in Antigua? The next picket should be to get rid of most of you lazy, dumb so-called police officers.

    • You right.

      Up to now dem cant find Nigel Christian killa dem or the kidnappa dem for d Indian man.

  9. Well FBI is doing the same thing with the insurrectionists of January 6th, 2021. They thought to be so smart and didn’t know they were digging their own grave.

    • Is that what you call pickers, insurrectionists? You write such “dumbness”. Those in Washington tried to overthrow an elected government and install their king. Antigua has been down this road before with the labour government having the police tear gassing them. They voted them out of office but made the mistake of putting them back in. Antiguans need to understand that the Labour Party likes power and will do anything, including brutalizing them to stay in power. I hope some of the non nationals they are depending on also got some of the tear gas. Look at Barbados, did Mia Motley order the police to use rubber bullets and tear gas on their demonstrators? No because Barbados government knows they are there to serve the people and they would be out of office next election.

      • Maybe you didn’t realize or know this, but the police are independent. They do not take orders from the executive. Believe it or not. So Gaston didn’t give the police no orders, and neither did Mia. But I never compared the so called protestors to insurrectionists, I compared the method they used to them. To post their actions on the internet. very stupid wouldn’t you say so.

        • You think I am a fool like you to think cutie Benjamin didn’t have a say in how the police acted? Don’t they report to him? Go back and read the message he sent to the protesters before the protest. Cutie makes no decision without his master’s approval.

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