Police Urge Operators of Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs to Comply


Police are appealing to the owners and operators of Bars, Restaurants and Clubs in Antigua and Barbuda to comply with the Cabinet Decision, concerning the prevention of spreading the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

In accordance with a decision made by the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, under the Quarantine Act of 1946, no more than twenty-five (25) persons will be allowed at any restaurants, bars, clubs and other public places at any given time.

The owners and operators of these establishments are therefore warned, and are urged to take heed to the new guidelines as set out by the Cabinet. Failure to comply can result in having your licences suspended or revoked.

The police will be carrying out regular visits to these business places to ensure that they are in full compliance. The full cooperation of the general public is therefore expected, in order to keep Antigua and Barbuda a safe and healthy nation.

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  1. Shut the bars down and the alcoholics will go nuts. They must be around 20% of the population! And they vote.


    The professional question is ‘…What law is the Police to enforce?

    It is instructive to note that the ‘…United Kingdom’ is now contemplating enacting laws to force people to comply with directives given by Health or governmental authorities to ‘…prevent; …contain; and …control the spread of the Corona Virus.’

    It has never been ‘Law enforcement’ duty to ensure citizen’s ‘…compliance with Cabinet Decisions.’

    Professionally writing, among the duties of the Police is;

    (i) ‘…Enforcement of the Law;

    (ii) …Maintain law and order; and

    (iii) …Ensuring that the ‘Rule of Law’ prevails.

    Given this news report, it is obvious that the ‘Police’ grossly lacked understanding of their;

    (a) …Role;

    (b) …Responsibility;

    (c) …Function; and

    (d) …Powers.’

    The Constitution allows for restrictions on the movement of people. This is contained in ‘…Section 8 (3).

    Thus, under a specific law, none may consider it inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution for anything done under the law.

    That which is to be understood is that ‘…Cabinet Decisions’ are not law.

    Such decisions are recommendations.

    Thus, in the instant situation, Cabinet is merely asking the citizens to cooperate, that the spread of the virus may be curtailed.

    It is optional for the administration to enact laws, not for compliance with ‘Cabinet Decisions, but for the Police to enforce.
    Such law would create ‘…punishable offences.’

      Plain and simple, when the Company Boss speak, everyone listen, some may comply, others will comply out of fear.

      Being a Sleuth…
      Now, speaking of a Company, as in a corporate entity!
      COVID-19 is the name of a Corporate entity, whose Mission Statement reads…We REDUCE to RESET to RECONQUER for dominance, and control.

      The etymology of COVID-19…

      A…If you simply type in “cov,” the search engine automatically takes you to the coronavirus’ information! Very interesting!

      B…Now, type in the definition of COV…

      COV – Coefficient Of Variance

      – the mathematical equation is
      COV(x,y)=E[(X-E[X]) (Y-E[Y])
      -when interpreting mathematical models, COV is calculated, as the ratio between Root Mean Squared.

      – In Statistics: COV – a simple measure of relative event dispersion. In this case, the most common use of the COV is to compare RELATIVE RISKS, although, it can be applied to any type of QUANTITATIVE likelihood, or PROBABILITY distribution.

      Now, the definition of ID…
      A…A noun – psychoanalysis: the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest. The EGO.
      B…abbreviation for IDENTIFICATION.

      Then to Numerology…
      A…# – defined number in the ‘old way’ of doing business. Now it’s the symbol of the ‘new way’ of doing business in Cyber Space. INSTAGRAM, as promoted by POTUS.

      B…1 + 9 = 10(the count RESET to zero, as in the balancing point, ground ZERO, EPICENTER, as 19 advances to 20 ushering the ROARING 20’s.
      Numbers and Numerology are very significant in the World of business.
      The PARALLELS of this crisis are a mirror image, of the 1920’s when the Oligarchs/Medium, the Plutocrats used a mathematical equation COV, knowing the RISKS and the probable outcome, once the proper components are substituted into the equation, and they have IDENTIFIED – ID’d themselves in an EGOTISTICAL manner, and they could give one phuck, as to the casualties be they People, Companies or Nations, because their Mission Statement says…We REDUSE to RESET to RECONQUER for dominance, and control.

  3. Mr Pompey a society is regulated by a inherent sense of justice once we make decisions that is fair it is reasonable for one to adhere .

    Under law one must treat someone in a humane manner before applying the law, while applying the law, or even after applying law. That’s why when a police officer detained you he must inquire of medical health etc before engage you even in a interview. So it is clear humanity before law.

    One must not just applies the law but one must do so according to international standard practices and us being signatories to international convention or treaty of human rights it certainly have over riding powers of our domestic laws .

    So with this be a world pandemic disease that has taken so many lifes then they must be good over evil and light over darkness so am saying all this to say that the greater good must be serve.

    So if police officers Carrie’s out a function in good faith to serve the society a greater good then who ever feels aggrieved by they actions can approach the court and the court will decides and as much as they may not be legislation in place then first responsibility of the court is to be fair and the court can give a judgement in the absence challenges with legislation by explaining how and why they arrived at there fair decisions

    So let us be advocates for legislation or amendments to evolve our law with the times.

  4. Comply with what? Mr. Pompey is absolutely correct about the role of the Police and he should know since he is a former Commissioner of Police. The point I wish to make though is that Cabinet has no authority under the Quarantine Act 1946 to restrict the number of people attending bars, restaurants, funerals or weddings. In order to enforce that restriction their would first have to be a declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor General, then Cabinet would have the power to make regulations to deal with the operation of Bars, Restaurants. Outside of a State of Emergency the Cabinet directive is illegal. We are a country of laws and just as the Rule of Law applies to citizens for obedience to the law it also applies to the government i.e., the government must act in accordance with the law. The Covid-19 crisis is a serious matter and the government will be called upon to make drastic decisions (like governments all over the world). We understand that, but those decisions must accord with the law. Spain has imposed a State of Emergency to deal with the crisis and they are going back to Parliament to extend their State of Emergency to 14 April, 2020. That is an example of a government abiding by the law. Our government must do the same.

  5. A lot of these police will be going to these bars to drink and take a cigarette break instead of enforcing the laws. I’ve seen them night after night coming to my place of work n go straight to the bar get cup after cup of alcoholic beverages then go back in the pick-up or jeep n drive out.

    • Maybe these officers are stressed out. You think it’s easy handling a wife and kip woman at the same time?

  6. What’s the sense of 25 max when the borders are still open. There are more than 25 persons at the hotel I work at… #logic has to be all or nothing

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