Police Urge Heightened Security Awareness for Christmas Season

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodeny


As the Christmas Season approaches, Police are urging the general public to heighten their security awareness and pay closer attention to their personal security, as well as the security of their homes and businesses. No efforts should be spared in ensuring one’s personal safety and the safety of others around them. A number of Crime Prevention Safety Tips have been issued by police, to ensure we have a safe and incident-free season.


  1. Always value life over property. If in the event you are confronted by an attacker, it is advised that you remain as calm as possible, and see what descriptive information you may be able obtain during the incident. This information may turn out to be very useful in an investigation.
  2. Desist from the practice of exposing too much cash, jewelry, or even electronic devices in public places.
  3. Avoid travelling along dark or isolated pathways; especially if you are alone.
  4. Be mindful of your surroundings when using electronic devices. AVOID WALKING AND TEXTING.
  5. Be extremely cautious when utilizing Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s); especially at nights. Likewise, do not become too quick to accept help from unknown persons if you have difficulty, when using your ATM card. The machine may have been deliberately tampered with to capture vital information from your account.
  6. Be on the alert for counterfeit currencies. This is a season when persons may likely to try and pass off counterfeit currencies in exchange for legal currencies or goods and services.


  1. It is always advisable that you use quality locking mechanisms to properly secure your homes and businesses. Installing proper working alarm systems and security equipment is a plus, and can be of further assistance to police during an investigation.



  1. Develop a habit of recording and storing valuable information and documents in a safe place. It may become useful to the police in the event of a home invasion or disaster.
  2. Vehicle owners are advised against leaving valuable items inside their vehicles in plain view of the public. This practice has resulted in vehicles being broken into and properties reportedly stolen. It is also advised not to park vehicles in remote or unsecured places for any unnecessary period of time.
  3. Police are further appealing to the public not to purchase items from anyone who are not involved in any legitimate business or gainfully employed. All suspicious activities should be reported without delay.

The public is assured that the safety and security of all continues to be of paramount importance to the police. Residents can also expect to see an increase number of patrols throughout Antigua and Barbuda for the upcoming season. The various neighborhood watch groups are also called upon to assist the police in making the various communities safer.



  1. So can I get a gun? The bad guys not coming to ask they just take. Plus the police is getting paid to do a job, so why are we doing it for them. Guess so they can sit and do nothing as usual.

    • So because the police get paid to do a job means that you are absolved of all responsibility for your own safety??

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