Police top brass shake up for the New Year

Suspended Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson

There will be a major shakeup of senior officers within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda in the new year.

This was revealed by Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson Wednesday morning on ABS television.

Robinson said the reshuffle of posts, from sergeant to superintendent of police, will be done with consultation and support from the Police Service Commission (PSC), which has to agree to the transfers, since this falls under its mandate.

He noted that the reorganisation also has to do with the recent increase in crime in Antigua and Barbuda.

Robinson said in situations like this you have to rethink, re-strategise and do some introspection, putting a new face at a department “to see how it works over three months over a six-month period as the case may be.”

“We are looking at our own strategic approach and we are going to make some drastic adjustments even within our police force fro next year. Drastic adjustments in the sense that we need to do some reshuffling of senior officers to various departments to ensure effectiveness and accountability as the case may be.

“With the support of the Police Service Commission and having regard to the fact that a number of senior officers have retired or are on pre-retirement leave, we will have to make some serious adjustments to personnel at the top. And I have been sitting and speaking with the deputy commissioner administration, Deputy Commissioner (Atlee) Rodney who will be in the vanguard to ensure that that is articulated and to receive the blessings of the Police Service Commission,” Commissioner Robinson said.

Robinson said at least 28 officers will leave the force next year and thus a reshuffling of posts is also necessary.

According to the commissioner, in order to increase effectiveness in an organisation strategic decisions must be made in order to improve efficiency.

He said a meeting will be held before the end of December to chart the way forward and to come up with a short term plan to achieve the force’s long term objectives.

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  1. u the first one that need the shaking. …..how can u have a la running this organization that is sure a easy way to compromise security

  2. You need to be reshuffled out of the force and on early retirement. you cannot handle the job crime is at its worse in antigua history under your watch resign please just go

    • Smh if y’all are such experts y not join the force and see what being a Police Officer is all about
      All y’all do is coope ANUnewsroom that have y’all damn pointless negative rubbish to say smh

      • You obviously have not heard that there are 20 murders so far! Do you work in n organization? When something happens in the organization, who gets the blame? Who is liable? The head! A dumb, deaf, blind man can see, hear and understand!

  3. Mr. Commissioner…..you need to pick the beam out of your own eye first and then you can talk about your senior officers. If you strongly believe that “shuffling the deck” would help curb the current crime situation in Antigua, then why didn’t you do something about that a long time ago?

    Do you take us for fools Sir? SMH. My humble suggestion is that you need to step down from office and allow a more able bodied individual to take the helm since it is evident that your incompetence is of epic proportions.

    anyway since you think you soooo bright lets see what will evolve from your little scheme.

    • Maybe y’all enjoyed when the government bought White Retired Canadian Police Officers to be the top brass of a Black Country Police Force

      • The white Canadian Police Officer could have taught the dumb Antiguan police force how to solve crimes, especially murders. Very few murders in Canada go unsolved.

        • Spoken like a true house slave
          When the police have investigation on going and asking questions nobody never see anything but now crime is out of hand y’all want to kill the police and have the most negilative things to say
          If y’all know so much and are such experts the police recruiting now joint the force and teach the ‘dumb’ police who to slove crime

      • They were effective! Crime was at an all time low, then! Have you forgotten? Are you satisfied with blood and gore?

  4. @@@melissa you really a police officer or you date someone in the force ……the Canadians will and can do a better job, it is not about black or white if it was the same black local officers in charge when they had the honeymoon murders the killers would be still at larger, it was under the Canadians officers this was solved. most of the officers in Antigua just pray for home time then u see them on the Rd making noise in vehicles being a pest. …..time to disband the police force they committing more crime than they solving. ….melissa please don’t back them up they only aggressive to innocent people ..check them when they doing traffic stop

    • Of there are bad officers in the force no one can doubt that but come on there are actually police officers who are there for the job and not the pay and admit the public does not help the police
      Only when something happens to them they remember police

    • Instead of passing y’all bad remarks y don’t y’all help the police or would you rather cooperate with a white man instead of a black man. The police cannot slove crimes alone they need the hell for us the general public as to get information so instead of being on ANR cursing the force we should be helping them and providing information
      Its a pity we are not emancipating of ourselves from mental slavery
      Finally this is not those crime show that show on TV when murders are solved in 1 hour

      • Young lady, you sound very much like you’re singing for your supper! You are willing to swallow filth and lose your integrity just to get it!

  5. Melissa I agree that there are good officers in the force. My issue is not with the police officers. I addressed the commissioner and his contribution or lack thereof in curbing these crimes. A good leader MUST have a plan and if that fails then he MUST have a plan B. Can you see any evidence of a plan? Help me see it!

    • I respect ur views what upset me is when others say they would perfer the White Canadian Police over our force
      I would rather see Vere Brown or Mrs. Christopher as the top cop that seeing our officer saluting a Canadian

    • I respect ur views what upset me is when others say they would perfer the White Canadian Police over our force
      I would rather see Vere Brown or Mrs. Christopher as the top cop that seeing our officer saluting a White Canadian

  6. @mel you the one said something about white officers. …abd they were better and we could trust them to give them information because the criminals would not hear it back, you can’t trust them police if you know and hea what i hear u would not ,out 100 officers just using this number probably 40 are criminals in some way sorry it is the truth, how many officers got caught doing crime is some way in the last 14 years do the maths and for an organization of 700 persons and over 200 of them was caught committing crime tell me how much must be doing, it is a culture and the young ones when they pass out gets indoctrinated by the senior ones.in order for any changes to take place u must get rid of the bad onions. …

  7. Mr. Commissioner….as a former Police Officer, I know that it is hard for you and our Officers…The POLICE cannot please people every-where., but the POLICE must put inplace, where the commom man/woman can see, what SECURITY has(have) been made for their SAFETY. Clearly it is hard, on you, and ALL members of the POLICE SERVICE…but I would like to suggest, that occasionally ( say once per month) you speak to this Nation about their concerns…People want to hear from you, Mr. Atlee and Mr. Frankie Thomas, and others…bring the message, but Mr John Doe and or Miss Jane Doe wants to hear your voice….As I have told you and other former Commissioners, that in my opinion about 97 or 98 percent of the Force is hard-working & good…You now Sir, have to seek-out the 3 or 2 % that should be TERMINATED>I wish you well…SIR….keep the flame BURNING.

  8. He did all sort of things to his predecessors to get the job now he got it do the work, did not know the seat was so hot no .Stop the crying in the big shot meeting. Be careful what you ask or fight for. Call Breau to help you now. Who last laugh, laugh best. Enjoy your RETIREMENT Miss Christopher.

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