Police Stops Church Service And Beach Party As They Enforce Social Distancing


A church service in Bolans was cut short today because it breached the limit of 25 for all gatherings.

Attorney General and Public Safety Minister Hon. Steadroy Benjamin confirmed the police moved in to end the service.

Worshippers chastised the officers as they demand that the police leave them alone.

Additionally, one of the worshippers will be charged with battery on police after pushing one of the law enforcers.

Police have also put an end to a beach party in Deep Bay, after that event breached the guidelines on social distancing.

The security forces are stepping up enforcement of social distancing regulations during a 14-day State of Public Emergency and nightly curfews.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced, on March 27, that the curfew hours are between 8 p.m – 6 a.m for a period on two weeks.

He also stated that all social gatherings are also banned and warns that failure to comply will result in either a $5000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

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  1. Touch not the Lord’s annointed !! Why wasn’t the Lord’s annointed obedient towards the laws of the land? Sometimes its sad to see when some persons display Dunceness to the highest degree. We should be considered Lucky to be allowed 25 persons…. In my view it should be a lot less or none at all….

    • Sorry, but these people are NOT “the Lord’s anointed. What a mess. Ignorance is no excuse for being a law unto themselves. They should stat by “reading out” the leaders of this organization. Jail time might get to seriously seek to seek the Lord, but then they’ll be deprived of their offerinbgs. How sad.

  2. What kind of a “church” is that anyway. Sounds like a disorderly, godless bunch of lawbreakers to me. The police did the right thing. Imagine, somebody even have to be charged with “battery” on the police!!!! That can’t be a Christian church. No way. Are they simply a mannerless herd of troublemakers or some kind of a FAKE religion??? Chuptz. Chuptz Chuptz The law is the law. It’s necessary for disorderly people, especially so-called Christians.

  3. The Great Paul from the Bible namesake and the Country of France will likely side with the church tomorrow…wait and listen good as all they seemingly can do is critcise.

  4. While the church was clearly breaking the law, I believe it should have been handled differently and not have resulted in the brawl that it did. The Pastor should have been discreetly called aside and be informed of the situation and the 25 number restriction. He should then be given an opportunity to reduce the congregation to the required number. If after that he refuses to follow the instructions of the police, then they would have every right to take him away.

    • Oh hush ya **** Charlesworth Tabor. Those people in the church ment damn well to be difiant. If ya rass would have listen to the woman Reed that talk to abs tonight ya rass would have heard her admit they had or 25 people inna da church. Me sorry the police num min lock up all ah them. Espically the one who ah shout don’t touch the Lord’s annoited. Maybe u should do them some charity work and represent them in court. Hope the magistrate give them the maximum sentence and mek one example out of them.

    • So, what are you saying; because he’s the CEO, or CFO of this for profit business entity, known as the Church, he is allowed to break the Law, intentionally; told that he’s breaking the Law, and be given the opportunity to, stop breaking the Law, so that he cannot be charged, and fined?

      Yea! The reason why a symbol of justice wears a blindfold and holding an unbalanced scale!

  5. These are NOT “God’s anointed”. Those women were screaming and acting like a bunch of raw heathens. They are disobedient lawbreakers. They knew what they were doing, and then tried to hide behind the “God’s anointed” EXCUSE, but they had NO anointing, just a bunch of creaming. iS THIS a real CHURCH OR SOME KIND OF A RADICAL CULT? Stop putting the cross of Christ to an open shame and mockery. The police were following the law, and they knew it.

    • Who are we to judge who is anointed by God??? The facts: They must obey the laws of the land. The pastor shd be prosecuted.

      • Those who are “anointed” KNOW “the anointed”, and this bunch ain’t “the anointed”. They have judged themselves by their “fruit”, and made an open show of who they really are. Yes, they MUST obey the laws of the land and the so-called “pastor” prosecuted, just as you say.

  6. I must compliment those police officers for keeping their cool while dealing with such a hostile crowd. I know if they would have only retaliate that give them people one proper beat down the whole world would have been saying how our officers are wicked and are beating church people. My only beef is that the officers went unprepared. They should have protected themselves from protentioal exposure.
    As for those so-called church people I do hope they are delt with to the fullest extent of the law and made an example for all who chose to break the law.

  7. It’s time for the State, to begin taxing the Church. They’ve collected enough taxes/tithes for how long, gets various concessions from the State while they claim, to operate a Non-profit business, which has all of the appearance(could be misleading), of a profitable business.
    Treat the Church Industry like any other for profit industry.
    If, the business is losing money, close it down.

    • They have to meet. Without the offering yesterday they would be in a mess. That’s disgusting to even think about it. They are “losing money”. I said, “MONEY”. $$$$$$$ Thanks Ras. You always make us think.

  8. What goes for Peter should go for Paul…. The man of the cloth breached the law of the land, and rightly so, he was reprimanded to prison…… At a beach, some party revellers also committed the same offence as the pastor, I yet to understand why wasn’t anyone and moreso the organizer of the beach party was not arrested? Our legal system should not be bias or prejudice to one or the other

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