Police seize illegal firearm in Gray’s Farm

Kirk Michael of Gambles Terrace

(STARTCOM Release)

Another illegal weapon has been removed from the streets. Law enforcers say it was seized during an operation on Christian Street in Grays Farm about 9:30 last night.

The police reportedly searched a car owned and driven by Kirk Michael of Gambles Terrace and found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

Michael was arrested and charged and the weapon and ammunition were taken to the St John’s police station as investigations continue. A wrecker was used to take his vehicle to Police Headquarters.

Michael reportedly told investigators he purchased the weapon on the streets for five thousand dollars.

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  1. why is it that police always find guns when searching man at night? is it cause its easier to plant a gun in the gun?

  2. Jail time for him why u all blaming the police didnt u har the man say he. Buy it for 5000 he is crazy so send him to jail for 15 year that will teach him lesson

  3. Thank you very much D. Its so amazing how everyday we get up and talk about guns and crime on tge street. But when they get caught and locked up…. They same ppl all over the radio talking about the police shouldnt have done this and that. Just like the 2 guys who got killed wearing camoflague. What the hell are u doing in camo with guns in ppl neighbourhood at 2am.

  4. Well said Ali I and D last year when we had a record of 20 murders some people cursing the Police now they doing their work them a cuss and say Police plant gun.

  5. How can the gun be planted when the report is that he bought the gun on the street for $5000. The real question should be, who sold him the gun. Not the planting of the gun

  6. Why is finding a Gun on someone making headline news? Just whisk their ass off to the court when you find them and get them off the street..Dont really have to make headlines. And to “White Rabbit” Its people with your mindset why we have such dis-functional society,you all are lawless and will uphold wrong. Just make sure you’re not caught with anything against the law,because no one will buy your sorry story about been framed.

  7. @Jh calling someone lawless in a country where the laws dont apply or are constantly bent for particular people here is also both ignorant and laughable because most of these fire arms that out on street are being supplied by those who should be enforcing the law.

  8. I really would not know who are supplying the weapons,seem like you know it all.However that really does not make us a Lawless country,there are laws on the books against Illegal weapons so how is my comment ignorant? Since you think it is laughable and ignorant just stroll down the street with yours in your pocket,then lets see who the laugh will be on.. Again your comment strongly identify with that of someone who thinks its okay to brake laws because others are doing it.Have you ever heard the saying” Wha might save someone ,might kill another,Everything happens in time,the time is now that these laws will be enforced,we are not the dam wild wild west.

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