Police Seek Several Persons Of Interest In Nigel Christian Murder


The Police Administration is assuring the general public that significant progress is being made into the murder investigation of Customs Officer Nigel Christian.

Investigators are at the stage of pursuing several useful leads, while at the
same time looking at multiple persons of interest. This requires more time and resources; especially if all lines of inquiry are to be fully exhausted to bring the investigation to a point where a ‘prima facie’ case is made out. This includes, but not limited to ballistics, trace evidence, DNA analyses and an Autopsy Examination.

To date, a number of exhibits and forensic materials have been recovered for evidential purposes; while several persons of interest, including witnesses have been interviewed. We also continue to work with our regional and international counterparts, who are providing invaluable technical support and assistance in this complex investigation.

While it may appear to some as the wheels of justice are turning slowly, the administration remains optimistic that this matter will be solved in due course.

The public, along with family of Nigel Christian can be assured that investigations into his brutal killing will continue to be treated as priority, and is given the level of attention that is required.The entire organization is committed to seeing this to the end, and no efforts will be spared in bringing those responsible to justice.

We ask the public to continue exercise patience and understanding, as one cannot sacrifice accuracy for speed in an investigation of this magnitude.
We also encourage those who may have seen or heard of anything prior to or after the incident to come forward and share that information. Information shared will be pursued and treated confidentially.

The Administration wishes to thank all those who so far came forward and shared whatever information they had with the police. A reward of $50, 000.00 is still offered to anyone who can provide additional information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible.

We ask that you continue to pray for Nigel’s family and all the investigators involved in the investigation.



  1. This sounds like it was written by Scotland Yard for real ! Arwe gone from caveman to CSI Antigua lol. To the persons responsible: now time fi you start shit, we go bring back the noose dem say.

  2. The late Nigel Christian’s body was found on a less traveled isolated road in Thibou’s Estate,New Winthorpes.Who found the body? Was that person and or persons interrogated? How those who found the body happened to be in that area? Those are question that need to be answered and be made public.Because in my opinion.It does not make sense to me.It just does not add up.Every person living in Antigua and Barbuda is a person of interest,into this matter.

    • I just love how you feel like nobody else think la of these questions but you. And for your information when there is an ON GOING INVESTIGATION BLACKMAN, the findings cannot be made public as it may hinder the investigation.

      Yes the place that the body was found is less traveled but it is traveled by many. Who use that way to get home especially at night depending on where they work or as a short cut to where they are going.

      Don’t you think the police questioned them the same day they called police about the discovery ? Or do you think the police just said .. thank you for showing us a whole dead body .. have a good day .. bye ?!


  3. So are you telling us that we won’t be getting outside help? Please let us know if Scotland Yard isn’t coming. If they’re not coming then justice won’t be served because of the alleged corrupt officials meaning ( politicians,customs officers and police ) I see delays and misplaced evidence , almost forgot the airport is open for those involved to flee.
    The honest and hard working citizens of Antigua and Barbuda need outside investigators that have not been compromised or persuaded by the few whimsical officials mentioned above.

    • More than likely no outside help. Because of a murder in some
      Random Caribbean island AKA Antigua, Scotland Yard and the FBI will not send their people on their dime and time to investigate … do u think Antigua can afford to pay pounds for Scotland Yard to Come here. Do you think Antigua can afford to pay US DOLLARS for
      The whole FBI .. FBI don’t even investigate local killings in the US. That is left for state and local police … never mind them investigating some
      Random country’s murder.
      You think they care.

      Many federal and government agencies in the US are facing financial problems since the pandemic.. do you think now they are stretched thin that they are going To use their resources to solve Antigua murder. Antigua is not their responsibility.

      It’s also an election year and until the election the head of agencies do t make such big decisions. Everyone is staying put and low key for now to see about the change in administration.

      Does Antigua really think America is worried about them.

      Tell the Antiguan government to learn to do things properly, including solving their own crime.

      I’m not saying Antigua can’t ask for help but with the pandemic and This being an election year
      In the us .. Antigua is shit out of luck.

      Trust me I know.

      Message me a month or 2
      From now or this time next year not a scot land heard or FBI coming to save the day.

      I know you simple
      Minded Antiguans think it’s just pick up the phone and call Scotland Yard but it doesn’t work like that !

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