Police says bathrooms are cleaned, videos old

St John's Police Station

The Police Administration is deeply concerned by the actions of the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association, in attempting to associate a video, first circulated almost three years ago, with the current situation at the St. Johns Police Station.


The general public can be assured that the facilities at the station are cleaned and sanitized regularly by janitorial staff. Additionally, the administration has also contracted the services of a water trucking company to further power wash and clean the bathrooms twice weekly.


However, it is also instructive to highlight deliberate acts of vandalism by detainees, whilst in police custody. There are instances where toilet facilities are purposely misused, and plumbing fixtures damaged; notwithstanding the numerous repairs carried out by the Ministry of Works.


While it can be said further improvement is needed at the over a century-old building, remarks made by the association are rather unfortunate and misleading. The administrative staff at St. Johns Police Station will continue to provide the best possible service to the public; including those in custody.


The Police Administration remains open to dialogue on any matter concerning members of the general public, and ask for the continued support and cooperation of all.

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  1. The police are to be commended for clarifying this situation. One must remember that prison/jail is not a place to be desired. It should be the closest thing to hell on earth. Nobody will want to go there.

    • Hope you are never framed and have to go there…..It’s people like you who keep the governments of this country doing as they feel…BAINLESS individuals……

  2. So a bunch of so-called lawyers jumped to conclusion instead of establishing the facts?? Doesn’t speak well of their profession. Isn’t Lenworth Johnson a former UPP candidate?

    • @Hypocrisy
      & so what if he is a member of the UPP?
      Are you doubting the video?
      Why don’t you go spend a day in the cell?

    • Exactly!!! A phone cal could have clarified that letter before they sent out an open letter issuing demands. Joke ting dem pan.

  3. A water truck to power wash a bathroom? What is wrong with that picture…..

    The police missed an opportunity to push for improved prison conditions at the station.

  4. A cultic mind place politics at the forefront even if the truth is infront of them.

    What does a former member of a party have to do with what is transpiring now.

    Its is probably an old pic because it has been cleaned today

  5. Sad how some lawyers in the BAR Association use the office for their own political motives and in doing so they give the Association a real bad image. But what do they care. Its all about the politics for them. The member that don’t agree with them should stand up and demand they step down. This was yet another blunder they made in their name.

  6. So was the bar association tricked? In the original post to the article it stated that the video was dated December 3, 2020. If indeed the video is old would the bar association in its quest for transparency as stated in their original release now come back and retract or apologize publicly?

  7. @ Hypocrisy
    You are spot on in your conclusions. The fact that Lenworth Johnson was at one time and probably still is, may nit be considered relevant. However it does provide some context to the hastily despatched letter to the AG.
    How embarassing it must be for the so-called batch of lawyers to have jumped the gun, without first investigating the claim. But so starved are they for relevance and recognition that they crave, they showed their true dunceness as they tried to score cheap (political ?) points. I think that one would be far better defending himself/herself in a court hearing.

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