Police say they shot Andrew Noyce after he attacked them with two knives


Man Shot after Attacking Police.

40 year old Andrew Noyce of an unknown address died at the hospital after he was shot by the police during a confrontation near the vegetable market.

The incident stemmed from a report of Larceny made by vendor who operate a shop in area.

The police responded to the report and found the Noyce armed with two knives and making threats.

It is further reported that he launched a violent attack at the police while wielding both weapons.

Numerous attempts were made to persuade him to surrender; however, he continued advancing towards them.

He was shot and subsequently transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries. He was pronounced dead around 2:59 am.

Both weapons have been recovered from the scene and the Serious Crimes Unit are continuing investigations into the matter.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on Friday.

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  1. Oh so bad, what a generation and a time to be living…the days are evil be vigilant bothers and sisters. We have a vast combination of delicate mental illness and demonic spirits coupled with greedy corrupt leadership with no moral compass at the top, the whole society is in chaos. Poverty, sickness, theft, greed,degradation, chaos,confusion.
    Have mercy on us Lord!

    • Every single thing bad is laid at the foot of leadership.
      How come when its something good ,that is not laid at the foot of them too?
      You all will get no where with this strategy. It does nothing for the society.

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  3. They are too many people abusing drugs these days. The streets are getting more dangerious as a result of that.

    • This young that was shot and killed by police was not a drugs user he had an head injury a few years age which cause him not to be himself ever now and again why not shoot him in the leg poor excuse by the police

    • Officers aim for the upper body and sometimes still miss. They are not guaranteed a second or third shot and must make it count. How would you feel if someone still managed to cut your child’s throat while limping from a bullet in the shin? He was warned but he was also armed and dangerous. Contrary to what happens in the movies, a person can die from a bullet anywhere.

  4. “…for wide is the gate and broad the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.” RIP Andrew and condolences to the Noyce family, when last we spoke you said peace brother peace.

    I was raised during Antigua’s booming cocaine era and I have also witnessed firsthand the injustices metted out to members of the Rastafarian community by local law enforcement during that period, and although I take whatever account is given by members of the constabulary with a grain of salt there are times when lethal force is justified; one only needs to view Dan Inosanto’s Police Training Knife Attack video, but there are also instances where a lone police, specifically a UK Officer, has disarmed multiple knife wielding attackers without using lethal force.

    I guess it depends upon the situation, non-lethal defense such as pepper spray or tasers will not have any effect on someone who is high off of pure adrenaline, experiencing a decompensation episode, goal oriented, under the influence of drugs/alcohol or has a combination of all four mentioned.

  5. Dead man tell no tales. But what is so funny is that a mental vagrant with no or little history of violence became so aggressive with police with guns. Not putting my head on the block but story seemed a bit fabricated. Or if he did become violent how did the police iniated the situation to lead to these. Police have poor problem solving skill. I know persons that can disarm a man with a knive with bearhands, baton or even a stick. I could disarm someone with a knive if i had a gun. Police them need better training when they shoot where it connect it connect guess they where taught to squeeze trigger and close they eyes

  6. i hate the fricking police no lie.This guy who they shot is a peace to the dead. He doesnt really talk he dont trouble people. Come on your trying to tell me they couldnt handle the situation. Lock up the officer and put him behind bars for taking an innocent life. Someone hit him in his head with a plank ever since he has not been himself. He doesnt speak or anything. I hate yall police nf. I for one want yall do my family something. Once i know the officer i coming for them simple. The police system yah full a fuck.

    • I knew him well and he didn’t trouble anyone. Two things are alarming. Why would a group of police not disarm a solitary individual wielding knives instead of shooting them? I though they were trained to disarm and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Also why would someone who has always been known to be quiet and peaceful attack the police? It’s more likely that they didn’t like how he answer them, and they shot him, knowing these trigger happy officers we have in Antigua. I’m waiting to see which political leader actually makes it a point to address this situation. The man didn’t have to die.

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