Police Reward Children Who Returned Lost iPhone


Nine Students of J.T. Ambrose Primary School were publicly recognized and commended for a good deed by the police on Friday.

The selfless, honest act of the young students earned them a certificate of commendation and a gift certificate to purchase school supplies, presented by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Albert Wade.

On May 5th, 2019 the youngsters were walking home from school, when they found a bag containing an iPhone valued over $5000 and took it to All Saints Police Station and reported the matter to the police. The police were able to trackdown the rightful owner of the mobile phone and have it returned.

Deputy Commissioner Wade, in presenting the certificates encouraged the students to continue to set good examples for their peers to follow and remain good law abiding citizens. Also in attendance at the brief ceremony were officers of the All Saints Police Station, Mr. Colin James and principal, staff and other students of J.T. Ambrose Primary School.

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  1. Good job boys. You were taught right. Parents must be extremely pleased with you.

    • For those who think that this act is not newsworthy, mr.wade ran a prison, mr.james coaches youth, and sad to say, our generation needs these stories to guide us. Our parents have spoilt us, common norms are not common and our generation thrives on ‘who can get away with it’.


    Taking the found item to the Police Station is ‘….Virtuous’ and highly commendable.

    It represents a ‘…sense of understanding that no one student could claim the item.’

    Too many would have seen it, and therefore, would have made it impossible to conceal it.

    It reinforces that sense of honesty when discoveries are made in groups.

    If it was about the students, ‘…why so many senior officers graced the photo’ when only the Deputy Commissioner reportedly made the presentation?

    Have not seen anything from him on this exhibition of honesty, but not sure what ‘…Duncy Bat,’ would have done, had he been the finder. Oh! May have tried to call someone other than the Police.

    He would have been held on the charge ‘…Larceny By Finding.’ Oh Yes!

    A charge under the ‘…Larceny Act'[Chapter 241].

    Those with interest, may read this particular ‘…Section 38.’

    Though no fool would hand over money on mere words, this has to do with taking ‘…Offered Reward for ‘…Puppy Dog; …Missing Woman; and Jewellery.’

  3. What has our society degenerated too?

    So much excitement for children who did what was once a natural, normal occurrence.

    This is actually a very very sad tale it summarizes what is now perceived as normal societal behavior.

    If it was an animal or know thief, the excitement I could understand.

    But when a normal human does what a human should do no celebration and awards is needed

    Reflection time people I am just the messenger sent to awake the sleeping.

    Are we really better off today than yesterday? Something has gone wrong with our development.


      Not the same like long ago my friend.

      Better off today? Nah! Most things going haywire or people going wild.

      Back then- small communities; …everyone knew each other; …knew what each other possessed; …grappling with, and to make life.

      Today, movement of people-Bob Marley called it ‘…Exodus’; …members of communities hardly know each other; and with under-employment or lack of employment opportunities, most indigent people resort to hustling to make life.

      According the ‘Mighty Arrow,’ ‘…Man Must Live.’

      Understand the concerns though.

  4. I highly commend the students for their honesty. Honesty should be island wide. However, I do not understand why so many Senior Officers were there it looks like one officers per student. Was it for the photo shot? Some of them should have been elsewhere if you check deep……..Oh what a…….

  5. I am so proud of the children and the police department for doing this. Law enforcement must do all it can do to win back the adoration, trust, love and respect from the community and if you remember my research paper I did for my bachelors and masters, I suggested the police should do things like these. I think Tenman would remember or Pompey. Giving gifts and awards to citizens who contribute to the police in fighting crimes and helping their neighbors. Please tell me someone remember the police love theory and the one with the acronym of my last name.

    I am proud of the children mostly and the police force, go Wade.

  6. Well done guys!!!!! You have made your parents, families, friends and the entire nation proud. APUA directory cover for 2020. Congratulations!!!!!

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