Police Reassures Family And Public After Teen Is Brutally Attacked




The Police Administration wishes to reassure the family and general public that the matter concerning 17 year old Jahhym Azoo, who was allegedly injured in Grays Farm is still under active investigations.

So far, the Police have interviewed a number of persons and have recorded several statements in relation to the matter.
The police acknowledge that the incident is rather unfortunate, to which the administration strongly condemns.

The latest report from Mount St. Johns Medical Center is that Azoo’s medical condition is improving. Acting Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney encourages the family to remain resolute in their quest for answers, while at the same time exercise patience, as the investigations continue.

Commissioner Rodney is further appealing to members of the general public to work along with the police in their efforts to help curb violent behaviors exhibited among young people, through conflict resolution programs.

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  1. “Commissioner Rodney is further appealing to members of the general public to work along with the police in their efforts to help curb violent behaviors exhibited among young people, through conflict resolution programs”.

    Work along with the police? Are you for real “ACTING COMMISSIONER”?

    You need to take control of the institution you are leading.

    You obviously have not been listening to the feedback coming from the MAJORITY of persons expressing themselves on the air-waves about your institution.

    Mr. Acting Commissioner, be careful history do not record you as the WORST OFFICER to ever lead your institution.


    If that which is reported at this news portal reflects the actual quotes of the Police, it speaks to apparent;
    (i) ‘…Irritating Nonsensicality
    (ii) …Sheer Ignorance; and
    (iii) …Gross Incompetence.’

    Those that are familiar with the law; …its enforcement and criminal investigations’ would know that law enforcement officers may have misinformed or misguided themselves.

    Moreover, they may have unwittingly confused applicability of ‘…Administrative Law with their enforcement of the Criminal Law.’

    The referred ‘…Child Justice Act; No.13 of 2015’ is purely ‘…Administrative and Non-prosecutorial.’

    The Criminal relates specifically to ‘…crime and punishment.’ Not about ‘…Restorative Justice’ as the ‘…Child Justice Act’ intends.

    While law enforcement has a vital role to play in the Act, it is applied by a ‘…Child Justice Board’ [Section 6].

    Its membership excludes police officers and headed by a Board that comprises;
    (i) …A Magistrate
    (ii) …Two Social Workers
    (iii) …A Member of the Clergy.

    Law enforcement is not ‘…Controlled; …directed; …advised by; or …guided; or take instructions; …orders; …commands from this Board.

    That which is unchallengeable, is that Parliament never intended the ‘…Child Justice Act’ to replace the ‘…Offences Against the Person Act’ [Chapter 300] or to transform Police officers into ‘…Social Welfare workers or Probation officers.’

    That which is professionally known, is that Law enforcement is primarily concerned with enforcement of the ‘…Criminal Law.’

    Their ‘…Powers and Duties’ are contained in the Police Act: …Sections 22 and 23′ [Chapter 330].

    Thus, where a crime was reported, conducts criminal investigations with the view of instituting criminal prosecutions.

    Matters of crime, such as this apparent ‘…vicious, brutal and senseless attack (Attempted Murder),’ falls under no other law but ‘…Common Law’ or the Offences against the Person Act.’

    Not sure how the police hierarchy would appease an outraged public or change their perceptions or quell their anxieties over this apparent most unfortunate confusing situation.

    Then there is an apparent equally anxious, if not confused or perturbed public administrators.

  3. I have been saying FOREVER that this Acting Commissioner MUST go.

    I do not know the man personally but I do believe that the rank-and-file do reflect their leaders and the results coming out of our police force is clear for everyone to see.

    Also, I am not giving the administrators (the relevant Government Minister, Prime Minister & Police Service Commission) a free pass here.

    We all live in this society and have a fair idea of what goes on.

    EVERYONE must do their work.

    This is just disgusting.

    • Agreeded he does not seem to be able to handle the job. He has been in that position for over a year now and still don’t know how to adress the gp #js

  4. I think Antigua must conduct a full strategic review of the Jamaicans, Haitians and Dominican Republican (and other CARICOM) immigrants that are currently residing in Antigua. With all the crime that has been recently spiking upward in Antigua, we must be realistic about what is really causing it.

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