Police Question Boyfriend and Others in Teen’s Suspicious Death


Police have interrogated several individuals, including Yenifer Bridge’s boyfriend, in connection with her death.

Bridge’s body was found on June 28 at Fig Tree Drive by passers-by.

The police are treating the death as suspicious and are awaiting post-mortem results.

Inspector Frankie Thomas stated that the investigation is ongoing and urged the public to provide any information that could assist.







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  1. Why this little girl had a boyfriend? How is it she was pregnant so young and nobody told the police nothing? HER MOTHER IS NOT INNOCENT! People of their heritage seem to like to use their pretty little girl children as bait for money!!

  2. You people are focusing on the bf the mother her self is to be blamed because if she took care of that little girl she wouldn’t go out looking love the mother her well looks like she is on something and now is trying to play the victim blaming that poor child for her downfall and a next thing plz to investigate the person that said he found the child because that story does not add up that girl look like she suffered a drug overdose or was strangled you Spanish are accustom to selling your young daughters and doing drugs stop acting dumb you the mother is to be blamed having your teenage daughter other there selling her body with her young child you fail and should be jailed

  3. A young girl was raped and murdered yet everyone is blaming the victim and her mother but not those who committed the crime or are at least concerned that the whole situation is disturbing and disappointing

  4. @ james John, wah u live under a rock? What u mean why this little girl has a boyfriend? If u have teenage kids I am sure they have a boyfriend…. however, the pregnant part is very disturbing especially if the father is much older than her! He needs to be sent to jail!!

  5. JESUS do something. DON’T let these little girls be sold any more.😭😭😭.by these wicked parents and are be rape by older men dare JESUS they don’t deserve this they need to grow up a safe environment …these men need to go to jail. These little girls are not SAFE. Some of these NO good devil daddy Raping them.those No good mommy boyfriend Raping them.daddy best friends Raping them. Cousin, Antie RAPING them ..OH LORD HAVE MERCY ON US AND INTERVENED. STOP ALL THE RAPING OF THESE INNOCENCE LITTLE GIRLS AND BRING JUSTICE TO THIS LAND OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA.

  6. This is indeed a sad situation but I would urge people not just throw the blame at the mother. I believe the mother must be going through a lot at the moment and adding the additional blame should be resisted.

    I believe the whole SYSTEM failed this young girl. She must have gotten pregnant between 13 and 14 and hence it would be considered rape. If that baby was delivered at the hospital, the matter should have been reported. And, since she is not old enough to give consent, the authorities should have taken up the matter in FULL. It is shameful when ANR released the information earlier that the baby was handed over to the father – he should be serving time.

    On the other hand, the mother was mentioned as a citizen of Dominican Republic, whose native language in Spanish. I don’t know of her education background, her fluency in English or her immigration status in Antigua. Hence I do not know if she was aware of what course of action she was able to take – it could simply be a fear because of immigration status.


  7. Half of aryu sound dunce. Look how many school girl I’m sure have their little boyfriends, it’s developmentally appropriate for interest in the opposite sex at a certain age. Early pregnancy is frowned upon but how many of you speak to the young folks about safe sex? Aryu mek it seem so taboo. I was raised in a good home and I still had my little boyfriends here and there and was sexually active, despite my mother doing the best she can so stop putting blame on people she aryou na know nuttn. A little girl lost her life an dis ah wah aryou choose fu discuss? Chups. Downing a grieving mother and not even knowing any proper details. At you sick dorg tummuck

  8. I believe it was an overdose cuz them Spanish lob snaught cocaine okay to go have sex. Might sound crazy but is what I see. Few months ago a Spanish fainted but ketch herself all of them were snaughting and drinking. Its a thing for them. So she was probably snaughting and had too much and the person got scared after not seeing her moving or anything it could be that. Let’s stop judge okay. That’s our biggest down fallhere in Antigua we talk too much without knowing the truth so all y’all talking bout oh a the man kill she and this and that shut y’all trap till the pathologist report comes out.

  9. It’s easy to judge but remember hurt people hurt people… yes a lot of it is cultural but please don’t judge a nationality bc they are a lot of Dominicans who are very different and believe or not some antiguans that are from a low income home, do the same thing and live the same way … my question? are you seeing Dominican Women patronizing the strips clubs? are strip clubs our new bars that everybody go to hang out and think that it’s OK to do that? .. just remember before you judge someone.. try to hear there story.. the mom may have been through the same life as her mom… this is a time for empathy ,sympathy not to be a discussion on a nationality, A lot of Dominican Republic people are of Antiguan descent so you might be talking about an Antiguan.. btw Spanish people are from Spain…

  10. @ Annoyed much. You really should changed your name to ‘don’t know much.’
    The age of sexual consent in Dominican Republic is 18 years. No where in the world is it age 10

  11. Question the police officer and the civilian that were together when they claimed they discovered the child on Jonas Road. Check the police diary for that bullshit statement.

    They can be very essential towards solving this three sum deal went bad.

  12. This is where eyes turn blind ANTIGUA,gt pregnant underaged was the police ever cyled for that?The public knows some of the things that happen in the Hispanic community yet police Nd the government turn blind,Most of these senior police lime at the same bars,buy the same food from these women.
    Antigua is a very corrupt place and as a born Antiguan it is disgusting we study each others downfall instead of how to secure our country
    Check out weekends in these places cocaine drugs.
    You can’t even pass on the street in town between the alley there.
    Make sure to swab the boyfriend for DNA she was raped
    Hopeful he is cleared a boy needs him.
    Are full know this one may be unsolved


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