Police provide update on the fatal accident of Azorae Pennant


Fatal Accident

Azorae Pennant of Roman Hill died at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center, following a traffic collision around 6:25 pm on Wednesday 26th January on Tyrells Main Road.

The allegations are that the 16yr old pedal cyclist was travelling from South to North along Tyrells road, while the drivers of a silver Honda CRV Motor Jeep, A43605 and a blue Toyota Hilux Motor Pickup, C744 were both travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver of motor jeep was in the process making a right turn when the pedal cyclist swerved East to avoid a collision, but instead collided with the rear portion of the said jeep and lost control and was thrown from the cycle into the pathway of the pickup.

He sustained severe injuries to his body and transported to the hospital by EMS, where he was pronounced dead approximately 7:42 pm.

The police recorded measurements of the scene, and both drivers were warned of Intended Prosecution. Further investigations are ongoing.

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  1. Warned of intended prosecution .They must have more info than what is being released .The cyclist hit the rear of vehicle #1
    and was thrown in the pathway of vehicle # 2
    That scenario is more common than not when thrown the second vehicle becomes the more deadly of the two.
    All glory to God
    A young life cut short
    The possibilities with his life we will never know..
    Mercy May God have mercy

  2. Smh: How would know if he had lights on yea or nay? That was never discussed in the above conversations. You have a way of jumping of the cliffs to justify your narrative.

  3. so why are the police threatening the driver of the blue Toyota Hilux Motor Pickup, C744 of Intended Prosecution when pedal cyclist ” was thrown from the cycle into the pathway of the pickup?”

  4. Sad that a life was lost, may the Almighty comfort all involved.
    Given the evidence so far how and why would/ should the drivers of said vehicles be threatened with legal action? What was explained there shows that it was an outright “ACCIDENT” so why the need for culpability? May the Lord guide us all.

  5. I realize in our society we are not held accountable for our actions and the blaming of the victim is also classic act!!! Smfh!!!

  6. In most accidents the police should warn the drivers of intended prosecution. This is normal procedure in investigating an accident
    and more so in one where someone is seriously injured.

  7. Condolences to his family.

    Question appears to be, did the jeep driver allow for cyclist position on the road and pause before turning to give cyclist time to clear the junction OR did jeep driver, like many other drivers on our roads, try a fast turn, in front of cyclist, possibly with no advance indication, so causing cyclist to take avoidance action?

    Begs another question of how close to the jeep the pick-up was, (sightlines) and speed driving at.

    Police & transport board could make 2022 about road safety information and offer a 3-minute a week PSA on all media. Each week a different code from our rules of the road that new drivers are tested on, but more experienced drivers may have forgotten. Just a suggestion that could do no harm, and hopefully some good.

  8. Amtigua is a sad mtf place some of these comment sick my fucking stomach real talk ,yall dont have shit to say or yall dont no what exzactly happen shut the fuck up and finnished with all these theory,thats the reason we have cops,cids amd the lists go on

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