Police provide update on death of prison escapee


Update on Escaped Prisoner

Shanell Thomas, who escaped from prison authorities earlier this week was shot following an encounter with the police.

The police responded to a report late Wednesday evening, where Thomas was reportedly spotted in the vicinity of Stables Night Club.

The police identified themselves to him and ordered him to surrender.

He, instead withdrew an object from his waist and advanced towards them.

The police took defensive action and shot him.

He was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center where he was treated and later succumbed to his injuries.

The Coroner was informed of the incident as investigation continues into the matter

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  1. That sounds so stupid. He withdrew a object from his waste and advance towards them but yet still after he’s been shot no one can say weather the object was a gun, a knife or a stick. SMH. The corruption and bureaucracy never ends in Antigua.

    • The Police encountered him earlier in the day and he supposedly did have a gun, as there was an exchange of gunfire. Whether he had a weapon or not in this incident, he was considered armed and dangerous.

    • “The story has to be that way until they can be certain that it was indeed it was a firearm. If it turns out that he had an imitation firearm, it is no excuse for him not been shot and killed by the SSU. Once he brandish what is APPEARED TO BE a firearm, it is justified for the SSU to used the necessary force to neutralized the target.”

  2. We all knew this man was dead from the time he escaped. Common sense…why bring a prisoner who has terrible numerous convictions. Clearly he is not one of the behaved prisoner to bring on a farm to work at that. 2 for him to escape. How did he got away with the escape? How many prison officers were there on the farm? Look at this as a set up or a trap. Thats a death warrant right there. Simple. If whoever was hiding him had brought him in he would have been alive yes. But why would you escape 2026 just a few years….Would be less if you were well behaved etc…but you signed your death Silence. I always say you live by the sword so shall you die by it.

    • All I’ll say is that Antigua police trigger happy cause I’m sure they could have shot him in his knees but then again they don’t practice for that, all they practice for is shoot to kill, officer yiu killed a man, thou shall not kill, you too have to face judgment on judgment day for killing the man.

      • What ignorance! How are you going to shoot someone in their knees when they potentially have a weapon? Every police force in the world are taught centre mass for a reason. It stops the threat! For every other person that thinks you should shoot someone in the hand, foot, knee or finger… Stop your ignorance!

  3. Regardless of how he got shot,a warning was issues for his surrender.

    We must not protect people who are involved in unlawful activities,

    Because later down in life,you might be his or her target…

  4. The fact that he advanced on the police was reason enough for the police to fire. They did the right thing. They are to be commended. Thank you. Now cometh the judgement. The country is a little bit safer now.

  5. When the police aren’t doing their job it’s a problem, now they doing their job it’s still a problem. Y’all humans just sickening, had he gone and stick up one of you y’all gonna still cuss police for not capturing him.

    From you fire shot at the police you deserve to be shot. I said wat I said

  6. It is kill or be killed. If indeed he pulled anything from his waist,the Police have a right to fire. He was an escape convict. If the same situation did arise,where I am living. The outcome for sure would be the same.

  7. If the convict was brandishing a firearm then the officers had all right to defend themselves…. However, in situations like this the convict sually end up dying from a fatal shot from the police. Question: Are the police not trained to disarm the target by making every effort to shoot him or her in the leg or arms first before shooting to kill?? Sad !!….. Its a life that has bitten the dust so simple….. No fault of the officers!!

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