Police promise increased presence leading up to Christmas

Members of the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force

The Police are advising residents to heighten their security awareness and to ensure that their homes and businesses are properly secured. Residents can also expect to see an increased number of police mobile and foot patrols within the city and residential areas, leading into the Christmas season and beyond.

Business owners are further advised to pay closer attention to persons entering their business places and ensure that face masks are worn in accordance with the health protocols. Face masks should not be worn together with dark glasses, hoodies, caps, or any other head covering. Anyone acting suspiciously, or failing to comply with these regulations should not be permitted to enter such businesses.

Additionally, the police are appealing to members of the public not to expose large amounts of cash in the public, and to be extremely cautious when utilizing Automated Teller Machines. Do not readily accept help from anyone while using ATM’s. If when using the ATM and you encounter difficulty inserting the card discontinue the process and seek help from the bank.

Residents are also warned not to purchase items that are believed to have been stolen; while at the same time, ensuring persons they are doing business with are owners and operators of legitimate businesses.

Members of the public are called upon to report all suspicious activities to any police station or contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3919 or 462-3914 without delay.

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  1. That Police above with the mask under his mouth.I read where a man was ticketed by the Police.For wearing his mask that way.He was also fined by the Court.So how could the Police be ticketing persons.When they are not following their own Protocols and or Pradacals.Double standard is the norm in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. It only takes one useless comment to distract the populace from the important message that the police are sending. I would advise those of us who claim we love our beautiful country not to be distracted but help the police protect Antigua and Barbuda from the rogues and vagabonds, who want to disrupt our peaceful way of living.

    • Law & Order…..Sigh…….Indeed Police work is important and I am sure majority of the population agrees on that. However it’s not a good look when people are being fined for not wearing the face mask correctly and u have in the above picture an officer doing the same….Not a good look…. Yes the sun is hot and he most likely just wanted a bit of fresh air and that’s reasonable right? So why is it ok for a civilian to be fined by an officer who was probably having a bad day? Yes some people are own way and just don’t care about the law I am not referring to them. The photographer should of told the officer to put on his mask for the picture.

    • Law & Order: My comment is not a useless one.The Police are citizens like all else.They are not the Laws.They are not above the Laws.They are to enforce the Laws.They fall under such Laws.You lead by freaking example.There is a double standard in Antigua and Barbuda.

  3. Where’s the promise for NIGELL and Minister accused of rape. Oh I forgot let the justice system work . whatever !!

  4. The Royal Police Force of A&B is limited with manpower. Why isn’t there a provision made for volunteers to swear in as constables to assist with the surveillance of illegal activities within the country? I am sure many persons would like to align themselves with the force and work undercover….. Many of our criminals will be caught & can be dealt with by the law

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