Police Press Release on Desouza Road Killing


Police Probe Desouza Road Shooting

The police are continuing to probe a shooting incident on Desouza Road that resulted in the death of a 25 year-old man.

It was reported that around 1:10 pm on Monday 22 May, an armed assailant entered a minimart on Desouza Road and allegedly robbed the cashier of an undisclosed amount of money.

It was further reported that the male victim was entering the said minimart and was shot by the assailant, who fled the scene on foot.

The injured man was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center by the Emergency Medical Services. He pronounced dead around 1:35 pm by a medical doctor.

The police are appealing to anyone with information surrounding this incident to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or call Crimestoppers at 800-Tips (8477).

The police also wishes to reassure the public they will continue intensifying their crime-fighting measures to ensure the safety and security of all.

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  1. It’s too little, too late for the family of this young victim! Too late to save his family and loved ones from the devastating suffering of this young man’s untimely loss! The time is right now to address this, not for tomorrow, but for today!! It’s not enough to sit and debate about what will be done, employ more police, re engage retired Police or offer extensions of those who are due to retire, get some experienced undercover intelligence out there on the street! What became of the Forensics unit?! Cameras around St John’s will do very little with these masked robbers and they know it. People need some explanation effective crime fighting is just not coming soon enough!

  2. Clearly, gun control action is badly needed. Australia is a good example to follow. Enact harsh penalties for illegal possession, and even harsher penalties for using any firearm in the committing of a crime. I mean life without parole.

    • Australia did a mandatory buy back program. Antigua can do one with life in prison If any person is caught with any unlicensed firearm in their presence, regardless of ownership. Outlaw casual ownership.

  3. First, condolences to this innocent hard working businessman and his family.

    Unfortunately, in today’s times, innocent law abiding citizens can’t acquire a firearm license to defend themselves. This gives the upper hand to the criminals who never have and never will abide and follow any law and knowing this, they prey on the defenseless citizens and business owners. The police can’t be around or nearby to help in emergency situations and by the time they arrive, the damage has been done as in the case of this poor innocent businessman or in the case of the woman who was recently raped (the police arrived an hour, yes that’s right an hour after the call was made). Who then will protect us, that leaves it up to us.

    Politicians and police work for us citizens and are paid their salaries by us citizens. We put them in place to make policies that will better our nation and our people AND in the case with the police, to protect us. If they don’t do what is best for our nation or protect us, they should be voted out and removed from their positions. It has now come to the point where we should be able to defend ourselves and that includes being able to get a firearm license. With extensive background checks and firearms safety training, there should be no reason why a law abiding citizen should have a hard time obtaining a firearm license. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. No difference in vehicles killing people, it’s the driver behind the wheel that kills other people but vehicles aren’t banned. Same goes for knives, hammers and down the list.

    Law abiding citizens are left defenseless against criminals due to the current policies in place by the powers at be. When and if a family member of any politician or police is harmed or killed, I wonder how they would feel. Politicians have paid around the clock security (again paid by us citizens) if they so choose. Police can have a firearm if they so choose. But us citizens, we are left to protect ourselves by whatever legal means we have and that isn’t very much. It takes seconds for the ultimate act to happen and we all know the police can’t show up in time.

    It’s is time to change the laws and make it easier for citizens to arm themselves as well as make it affordable. Maybe it’s the government’s way of attempting to control the people but we all have the right to defend ourselves, our families and our properties. Our country would be a lot better off if the playing field was leveled. We would be a lot safer. Criminals would think twice about committing their acts. One day there might even be a situation where the police are outnumbered. A licensed firearm holding citizen might just happened to keep the situation under control.

    It’s time to change the current laws and policies and make it easier for honest, responsible law abiding citizens to obtain a firearms license. If the politicians don’t want to allow us to defend ourselves, vote them out. The police can never be available 24/7 to protect and serve us. Let us obtain our firearm licenses.

  4. Condolences and prayer of comfort to this man’s family during this time of grieving.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. With the legalization of marijuana, are we surprised? We don’t need to look any further than to Jamaica to see the devastating results that such a move would bring to such a small country as Antigua. I pray the government can reverse this most harmful decision.

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