Police, PM Say Leave Rastaman Weed


By Makeda Mikael

Dear Police of Antigua & Barbuda,

The Prime Minister has asked you to stop harassing Rastafari with their weed. Four trees are legal for all persons, Rasta or pagan, and in growing the holy herb (cannabis), one tree properly grown can weigh several pounds, so picking up a RASTAMAN for 1/4 lb of weed is most unrighteousness.


This happened on Thursday, very current!
The P.M. has made it clear that herb is going to be grown in Antigua for money, and white and Indian people are being given licenses to grow and process Cannabis (weed/herb) in this country for profit.


Meanwhile the local Rasta weed law (4 trees) prohibits Rasta from selling, so when a RASTAMAN makes a move with his locally produced herb, why arrest the man, and force bail on him, and carry him before the Magistrate on Monday morning to rob the poor RASTAMAN with a fine! Something is just not right here. Double Standard or what?

It is very important to remember at the beginning of this new cannabis ‘plantation democracy’ (something like ‘entrepreneurial socialism’) the rules remain the same, just like cane field can burn so weed field can burn.


If we carry this ‘plantation democracy’ into the economic powerhouse it is likely to cause further delay in getting the plantations up and running. It is worthwhile to think about the people who have been growing and using the holy herb in Antigua for the past fifty plus years, (and our ancestors who used it too) who have suffered the heavy hand of the law in the form of Police boots, batons, and fists, and guns, and death.

The Prime Minister went as far as to pay back one Rasta community from the CIP funds for the holy herb that the police destroyed, and warned the police to leave them alone. He further opened up at the launch of Ras Freeman that is weed and Rasta dread food that sustained him growing up in Point as a tender youth (though not a weed user).

Mr. Commissioner are you aware of how much Arizona weed you permit to circulate in Antigua because the foreign students don’t like Antigua weed? Please stop your officers from hassling RASTAMAN and the black and local community for weed.


If you were to do a poll on Antigua’s young adults you would find that most of the foreign community kids that live in the protected communities use weed, grew weed at their homes long before the 4 trees law came into effect, and how many of them you ever see at the police stations?

Double standards, discriminatory arrests, religious persecution!

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  1. I commend the PM for standing up for the Rasta.

    Since “one tree properly grown can weigh several pounds” the law NEEDS to be clarified as to how many pounds of cured weed an Antiguan citizen can have in their home at one time, given the fact that four plants are allowed to be grown at one time.

    Is the fifteen gram rule just for TRANSPORTING outside the home? If police are interpreting this rule to mean the total amount in possession then the people have been setup into a legal trap. UNFAIR


  3. So that’s the way we run a country? By the pronouncements from the PM? If the laws are still on the books then aren’t the police duty-bound to enforce them? If the PM wants the police to leave the Rastafari alone, maybe he should go to parliament and amend/repeal the relevant law. Isn’t that what he gets paid for? That’s what Legislators do

    • @DadliMan…aren’t PROSTITUTION and BUGGERY still illegal in the Nation?
      Yet, just about every street in St. John’s has a brothel/Bar which is cover for the prostitutes!

      The legal WHOREHOUSE on Wheels, operated by a former Member of Parliament, has it ever being confiscated for being a whorehouse

      What of the SEX TOURISM MARKET, one which allegedly supplies minors(boys and girls) to the PEDOPHILES? Antigua & Barbuda was mentioned in the Epstein Ring!

      You had a hotel not only advertise for a SEX ORGY, but it actually took place.

      You have married homosexuals parading around the Nation, are they being harassed and taken before a Magistrate!?

      #BLURNCLATH HYPOCRITES plentee a r u be, to rass!

  4. The so-called Rasta belief system is “pagan”, of course, but pagans are legal in this country. Too much unrighteousness here. The oppression of women by any pagan outfit should be opposed and stamped out.

  5. Dadiman you are so correct. The PM goes on point FM and make illegal announcements and everyone jumps to his drum. This is how he is running ALP and choosing candidates- unconstitutional. Point FM is parliament where laws are made , amended and voted on. He pronounced that his son getting 30K per month is peanut change while other contractors and supplies not getting paid. Chet Greens following closely and now operating Liberta FM and complex to match. Let’s see how much more are going to open their own radio station/ parliament.

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