Police Plans To Enforce Strict Measures Against Reckless Drivers Including Suspension Of Licence


Head of the Police Traffic Department, ASP Rodney Ellis, says there will be more speed checks on major road and persons charged for reckless driving may have their licence taken away until the outcome of the court case.

Ellis believes this revamped effort is crucial especially as the Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project nears completion; he notes that the new smooth roads may attract reckless driving.

“Soon from now we’ll be introducing back those radar guns so we’ll be on the street day and night monitoring the traffic flow especially on Friars Hill Road and the Sir George Walter Highway where the roads have just been refurbished,” said Ellis.

According to Ellis, “We were supposed to be getting some new motorcycles, however due to the Covid-19 situation, we have not received them as yet so there you would see increased patrol on all of the streets, ticketing”.

He added that, “ any person who gets charged for dangerous driving, recommendation would be made through the Commissioner of Police to have their licence suspended until the outcome of the court case”.


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  1. That picture better be an old one from last year because the optics are not good.

    If the top cops cannot even observe the government social distancing or mask wearing policy for a press briefing how are we to have confidence in anything else.


    Photo- LR: ‘…Fire Chief A/C Elvis Weaver; …Deputy Commissioner Albert Wade; and …Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney.

    Why no photograph of the new ‘…Traffic Officer ASP RODNEY ELLIS?’

    Hope the media got it right.

    Not sure when ‘…Exceeding the Speed Limit’ (a minor Ticketable offence: VRT: Enforcement/Administration: Chapter 461tion 28) has been ‘repealed’ to become the ‘arrestable’ offence ‘…Reckless Driving’ [VRT: Chapter 460: Section 55].

    Motorists can expect ‘Impunity Abuse.’

    Likened to ‘flour’ as one of the ingredients in Cake baking, ‘Speed’ is only one of the required elements to constitute the offence of ‘…Reckless or Dangerous Driving.’

    • I hope someone has the decency and or balls to revisit some of those so called accidents the traffic police failed to investigate and just issued police reports to benefit their friends and family… I would like to see the cpl stripe removed from his shoulders…. it’s an injustice…


  3. They should begin the enforcement from within the force and work their way out to the public.

    • I totally agree with you @Melchisedec. My grandmother does said that sin a correct sin.

  4. Promises are comfort to fools….. Its long overdue for the authorities to get serious with the fast drivers. These drivers behave like they own the roads, have no respect for other road occupants and like a life can be easily manufactured if one gets into an accident and die….. The worst of it all, many innocent persons become the fatal victims or get the worst within such accidents….. Not only should the revoking of licences take place but these speedsters when caught should be instructed to do hard labour within the community, and pay the state and the victim or the victims’ family if any are involved…. The older heads always say ” Who can’t hear will certainly feel”.

  5. I could tell , quite a tale, of a dangerous driving charge I got once.
    It caused me a two week suspension,,a pile of cash ,,,one night in a village cell and two nights,, in a St John cell.
    Damages to the other vehicle, I attempted to pass ,,amounted to $500ec after I rubbed his front qtr. panel ,, returning, to the left,, hastily, to avoid on coming traffic.
    The traffic cop that showed up, was one ,,I had had,,a terrible interaction with,about six weeks earlier.
    Now I will tell of that interaction.
    I asked my woman, during a contentious period in a now four yr relationship,,for the keys to our home,, she threw em in my face,, I slapped hers,, once.
    I got into my car and left.
    She 15min later,,whattsapp;

    I’m with the police,, they’re taking me to the station.
    Me ;
    Fine,, I’ll meet you there.

    For I,,struck,her,,after,, being struck.

    I have never,,in any of my decades,on earth,,,struck anyone,,male or female,,,,first.

    I drive to the station,, I ask cop at the desk; Sir do you have a Ms. pressing charges against I ?
    Cop at the desk gets a brief explanation,from me,,, his response?
    I have no idea ,, of what you speak.
    A vehicle then pulls up,minutes later, two cops and my Woman within.
    First cop to me ,,before even fully,, alighted from the vehicle;
    Ah wa you a bang up people pickney fa ?
    I chided he ,,for being biased, for he had only heard from she.
    Not how a Police Officer should have performed his duties.
    His berating and denigrations continued.
    The ranking officer then declared,, take her to the doctor get a medic form.
    Unprofessional cop ,,and ,,one other to be dropped off in Bendals,, and my Woman left in a vehicle , on that venture.
    Somewhere in that ride, after Bendals cop,, were dropped off,, she told me,, his comments,, made her so uncomfortable,, she went in one door of the MSJMC and out another,, failing to show any medical personell her slightly reddened cheek.
    We sat at a bar twenty minutes later,, talking ,,over some Presidentes.
    Now let’s go back to the traffic accident I had.
    By now you’ve figured out the traffic cop that shows up,,is non other than,,,
    Mr. Unprofessional.
    During brief statements he , quite noticibly, “steered” other drivers statement,stopping he ,,at times,,probing ,,,guidingly,,
    and purposefully.
    (I was told sometime later,,other driver,,had not much schooling and was viewed as ,, “slow” by most )
    My statement to the,,cop,, not verbatim ;
    I had gotten to work ,,to realize,, I had forgotten my phone and was enroute to retrieve it,, when i had an accident and ,,,would assume liability.
    He,, after some time ,told me,,to go ,,,and ,,to meet him at the station and —- DON’T make me,,have to come look for you.
    I turned and gave he an “I have a son older than you look” got in my car, continued to get,, my phone,,after which,,I drove to the station,,as the Officer instructed.
    I had an important function to attend that day and after some time,,,,from behind bars,,, I asked he ,to speak to his supervisor.
    I wanted to express,,to that person;
    the function,,,my ancestry and if i could be allowed to attend ,,,I would be back to face ,,whatever song were played.
    (Yes! Positive thoughts,though lofty afterall ,,He did let me go,,before)
    He did get the Supervisor,, a female.
    His first words to her,, were, “This is the guy,, that beat up his girlfriend last month”
    An instinctve ,,regrettable ,,after keys were flung at me,,,,,,,slap,,,,,,,,,,now I’m a woman beater?
    I was floored,, even though,, still standing.
    I spent that night,, in a village cell,,transported to St John’s early next morn where I was told ,,I would make Traffic Court commencing at 2pm.
    That did not happen.
    I spent the night,,inhaling the smell of shit,,that floated and bobbed ’bout,,in four inches of water
    I did not make Traffic Court the next day either.
    I was told,, the cop,,had not submitted any paperwork,,and,,may not even be on Island.
    I did finally get,, to court ,,where the forementioned sanctions and fines were imposed ,with the judge, ignoring,my,, pointing to a bias within the officer.
    I took it,,all,, chin raised.
    I’ve encountered the cop a few times since.
    The last ,,a week ago,,was quite troubling,,where he circled the block staring at me,,after I walked in front his personal vehicle at an intersection.
    I got into a Taxi ,,minutes later,,,and expressed the troubling experience,I just had.
    The cabbie,,an Ex cop,,asked for my phone number to contact me later,,with a number for someone in a dept called Professional Standards,,to report the Officer.
    He did call,,he did give me a number to call..to file a report……..I have not,and most likely,,,will not.
    Even now…I am hesitant to press the “post comment” button.

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