Police Officers Protest In Support Of Their Colleagues


Police Officers are staging a sit in to force Acting Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney to address one of their concerns.

According to reports, about 60 officers are currently seated at the Police Recreation Grounds building.

Their action concerns a request for leave so that the welfare officers can represent the association in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The acting chair of the Police Welfare Association Corporal Marilyn Harris is reported as saying that says the Commissioner has sought to dismiss the authority of the Association.

The association as written to Rodney and the Permanent Secretary about the matter.



  1. Fooliness! Why should welfare go? I don’t see them fighting to attend funeral here but because is overseas they wanna go and the thing is they don’t even work with the guy. So why they wanna represent send someone from the fire department that works with him and by the way isn’t it his choice who he wants to walk with chups

  2. Well lward the police force in shambles…….the thives go have a ball this Christmas aru know wha aru hab aru nah kmow wha aru go get不不不不不

    • What we have is a joker at the head of the police force and some jokelets bellow him. Since Rodney assigned commissioner he has done absolutely nothing to uplift improve or fix the morals in the force. He has been concerned with one person and one person only and thats the head of the training school. I surely dont know why they trying to get rid of Robinson who was doing such a wonderful job before they stab him in the back. Rodney get off your high horse and start do some work.

      • I agree with this statement but i don’t agree witg what the welfare is doing! Is them alone but use our money to travel? Why didn’t they choose to send the lone fire office on welfare to attend why choose ur friend who passes thie same officer without saying hi?

        • Fire no longer has a member on the executive. She resigned about 2 months after been elected due to the fact she was force to go on welfare in the first place. I have to agree tho welfare executive alone can’t be traveling when they don’t even attend funeral right at home……


      Constant follower and visitor to ‘ANR.’

      The undisputed fact is, it is one of the few news portal that is always current with news.

      What has ‘…Pompey’ to do with this?

      ‘…Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise.’

      Tried to avoid ‘…silly and nonsensical comments and idle gossip.’

      Except to say, the Scripture not only edifies, tonight, it is also ‘…Fulfilled.’

      ‘…The mouth of a fool utters foolishness’ [Proverbs 15:2].

      It might be more useful to find something more productive to do or to say something more enlightening.

  3. Much to do about nothing. That woman Harris love plenty confusion.

    How come the welfare did not ensure that the officers that stole from the credit union was prosecuted like any other theft?

    Anything Miss Harris in look out for Mass confusion.

  4. When they are detailed for funerals in Antigua they report sick and nothing is done to them. Everybody just doing as they like I the Force now.

    • Same thing i saying! They run and hide when funeral in Antigua all kinda things happen to them but now funeral overseas they want go. Ya can’t even get them to do extra duty.

  5. Instead of flying to St.Vincent.Why their lazy backsides do not get up and fly around Antigua and curtail crimes in the land.Hope it rains on their behinds.By the way this story did not give a reason for them wanting to go to St.Vincent.Come better than that Antigua News Room.

    • A fire officer mother died! And someone on welfare wants to attend but they don’t attend funerals here cus the either report sick or just don’t show up

  6. AWG
    Our Prime Take plane ride to help Antiguans and Barbudans. The Upp have on record to fly the most in the history of Antigua and Barbuda. Please know your facts before you speak. You and Knight cut from the same cloth.

  7. Sad to say that it’s rather hurting to see so much things are happen in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, not forgetting the Fire Department and welfare protesting because an executive member can’t go on a fun ride to St. Vincent. Come on man promotion is a big problem… A female office just gone 3 years being promoted in the fire department and male constables who have served even up to 20 years are still suffering, what a disrespect, look at the working conditions, the stations are in a deplorable state, police officers worked for myst Mas troupe during carnival for 3 days can’t get pay and no word on when. Harris theses are some pressing issues.

  8. No body can force you to do something you don’t want to do. She could have declined. And from my understanding someone else did show interest

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