Police Officer Under Investigation For Permit Money, Begging Tourist For A Lunch


A female police officer who was accused of roguish behaviour was reported to have been the subject of both a disciplinary trial and criminal investigation.

The officer, identified only by the letter ‘E’ is accused of taking money from a visitor to the island for parking in a restricted area at the V.C. Bird International Airport (VCBIA).

The incident was said to have occurred in mid-April 2019.

Sources familiar with the allegations disclosed that the visitor who had parked in front of the airport terminal, went into the building to make flight inquiries.

When returning to the rented-vehicle, he was approached by the female officer who pointed out to him the minor traffic violation and fixed a penalty.

In the strange turn of events, the officer reportedly suggested that the visitor buy her lunch. He reportedly gave her US$100.

Apparently sensing that the approach was unprofessional, he reported the officer’s conduct to a superior officer then on duty.

The money was then recovered and disciplinary action was immediately taken, resulting in her suspension from duty, quick investigation and a partially complete disciplinary trial.

Prior to that, in an unrelated incident, the same female officer was alleged to have issued an EC$50 Visitor’s Driving Licence for EC$ 200.

While she had accounted for the correct sum of EC$50, she reportedly tampered with the official receipt and allegedly pocketed $150. She has since been the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Rank and file members are said to be pleased with the prompt and decisive action taken against the female officer.

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  1. So why not publish the officer’s name and badge ####? What’s the big secret abt???
    If it was a civilian the name/s would have been published already!!

    Further afield, what’s the latest on the two police who were charged for stealing in the United States??? That gone underneath the carpet too??
    Asking for a friend.

  2. Stop being secretive and call them out…Don’t you realize how open the lodges are in Antigua. I went to a popular supermarket and was surprised to see the front number plate was bearing the symbol of a lodge! Wonder if transport board is a part of that!

    • Duncy bat cat rat.. what a lodge symbol on a vehicle have to do with this situation… Omg!!! Some of u people are really dunce!!

    • Someone must have tought her the trick in the trade, now what save them will hang you 🤔🤔

    • What lodge have to do with the female police officer? Either way people make mistakes all the time especially young people and if this government would pay them enough they won’t have to beg and accept bribes which is also a crime cause the way I see it the driver should be dealt with for bribing a public official too.

      • @National Man. Wait! Hold up! Are you saying that it is the government’s fault why she did what she did? You like to CONDONE bad behaviour? So now you’re using the-gov’t-made-me-do-it excuse? #profound

  3. What is really going on in the RPFAB these days. Surprising she was not one that just climbed the ladder with promotion. Them eyes toooo long and when you see them in uniform them soo cocky and in them mind is something else. Did and Cats do not have the same luck. The Force needs prayers.

  4. Lawyers, Syrians, police officers and white criminals’ identity are kept confidential in the news media.

    That black girl from Cedar Grove however had her face plastered all over the Antigua even though she had not been found guilty.

    What is the standard ANR? Either you publish all names and pictures or none. Not based on race.

  5. Well they say she is a part of some eastern stars lol free masons for ladies and telling them they cant get in trouble because all of the top politicians and police are masons lol and wealth will be come by more easy. Some brain wash people worshipping the devil

    • They sport the O.E.S decals on their cars now too. How that nonsense got into Antigua is interesting but not surprising. Maybe the female is well “connected”

  6. This officer should be terminated immediately. I’m pretty sure extortion is prohibited by any means. We were quick to name and shame the husband and wife officers for allegations this is an open shut case let’s level the playing field.

  7. Another day another scandal in de RPFAB u think when them get rid ah Wendel all de scandal wouldda go wit he but ah ebery week one new one ah pop up tral man something wrang wit de man and woman in gray and black!!!!

    • Tf ABLP have to do with this. You always want incert politics or should I say you always try to bash the ABLP Governament for everthing. This young lady more so this Police Officer should have known better than to accpect a bribe. She is a disgrace to the entire Police Force. Did the ABLP to her to take a bribe. She made her bed now she must lie in it. Maybe you Sweetiepie have to much time on your hands.

    • Now what is dat… r you arlways wid politics. Wah dat haffu do wid ABLP… Me support dem an me nar beggy beggy cause fu me mumma nad ma grandie arlways teach me how fu be contented…. Yes me haffu ansa….foolish ass.

  8. She should be kicked out of the force, this apparently is an ongoing thuggish behavioral pattern. If it was a civilian the name certainly would have been published, just goes to show how kisses go by favor in Antigua and Barbuda. I have no faith in the police force anymore, gone are the upstanding men and women who served in years gone by only to be replaced by the corrupt ones today and don’t come @ me, my dad was a police officer and a member of the Police Service Commission and certain behavior would not have been tolerated!!!!

  9. Y the hiding every time a police person commits a crime they hide the individuals especially if they are females but usually the higher ranks are usually part taking in her meal.

  10. I have been wondering the same thing with regards to number plates too. There is a certain white Hyundai vehicle driven by a certain Director of Culture that does not carry a legally issued A&B license plate in the front. Instead it has the Freemason symbol where the license plate should be. Is that legal? I also see instances of foreign (European I suppose) license plate being used at the front of vehicles. I have even seen the Antigua flag. IS IT LEGAL?

  11. Does this mean that said officer is not being paid enough from her salary?

    That was real “low life-tid” behaviour on her part. She was willing to sell her soul for some lunch?

    No wonder rastaman say “Bun fiyah pan Babylon”

  12. I hope the name is not being withheld because they intend to keep her on the force…cause AH U CANT SO FOOLY. Giving the benefit of the doubt and trying hard to think of other reasons for the secrecy

  13. Hmm I got charged $50 ec for my temporary driving licence, and the officer (male) took an extra $10 saying it was government additional tax… this is a big problem😣

  14. Well, to weeks ago my daughter was here from the UK and when she went to the Coolidge Station to have her temporary driver’s license, she was over charged by $10. Seems the inclination to exact fictitious taxes and to extract money by any means necessary is a growing trademark of the RPFA&B.

  15. I love it. Thanks for the comments. The lodge was brought in because Antigua is no longer secretive so they should say who the police officer be. Afterall my point is even the lodge is now open which was once considered secretive!

    Seems like all persons who responded to date are just as dunce as me to not see the analogy or your secret ways have blinded you! Please don’t call my name at your meeting tonight that has to commence at 7:11 11pm.

    • “God shall bring EVERY work into judgment, with every SECRET thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” [Ecclesiastes 12:14]

  16. Lol some real haterz working on the inside of the Police Force lol. Somebody who either grudge the female officer or who wants to play hero leaked this info to the media?

    Must be the same people who leaked the story of Robert and Monya Dwyer and the Costco stealing charges.

    Who will police the police? Seems like Mr. Rodney has to deal with this immoral infiltration wreaking havoc on the Police Force lol

  17. Why is it politicians can steal at will and tell you straight up how they do it and the public seems to not care.

    But when the ordinary man is caught he should be thrown out the force immediately, he is called a disgrace, and the worst possible names.

    But the politicians who knows better and have the means is allowed to divert tax payers money for personal use at will.

    This is a sick society. Remember short shirt song about the lawyer who goes and steal.

  18. Alot of lodge people come in here to defend the lodge. I never see a post get so many comments so fast. Why you have to mash the lodge people corn? Wha you wake dem up fa!!!

    • Why should they feel people a mash dem corn? After all aren’t freemasons the ones with the “light”? Us regular folks are the ones in “darkness” right?

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