Police officer still recovering at home almost a month after he was injured in crash


The police officer who was injured in an accident on June 9 is reportedly recovering at home.

Initial reports said Police Constable Robert Dyer, who was riding a motorcycle, sustained a broken leg after colliding with a container truck on Factory Road near the Sagicor Life Building.

On Monday Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney told state media the officer “suffered some injuries to his leg, which was not as serious as we thought in the initial stage. So, he’s home now and he’s recuperating quite well.”

The officer was alleged to have tried overtaking the truck and collided with the vehicle, falling from his bike.

Onlookers say because he was disoriented, he was unable to stand.

Emergency vehicles were summoned to the accident site, and the officer was transported to the Mount St. John Medical Centre.



  1. So I’m assuming the policeman who broke the road rules was also fined . Or do the road rules only apply to citizens.

  2. What lies. An unlicenced and uninsured big rig knock the police off the motor bike. He was on the job. On the way to straffies to deal with a funeral. Had on his siren, other vehicles pulled aside. The truck man say he did not hear the siren and started to turn the corner just as the motor cycle was about to pass. A fall from a motor could not have split his foot in two. He was badly injured but plenty prayers went up and God is good. The commissioner has never called. When they don’t like you that is how your treated but remember tomorrow exist. Who knows what it holds. The driver of the truck went and license the vehicle the next day. Tell them check it out.

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