Police officer shot by his own gun


A police constable reportedly shot by his own gun while chasing a suspect this morning.


According to media reports, the incident occurred while a team of officers was executing a search warrant at a property in Grays Farm.


The suspect reportedly ran and while the officer was in pursuit he fell and injured himself with his government issued firearm.


The suspect reportedly escaped, and the officer was rushed to hospital for treatment.




    When it comes to children they are said to be fools.

    Therefore, they should never be allowed to ‘…Play with Edge Tools,’ let alone firearms.

    The injury most certainly brings pain, but it also brings awareness and teaches safer use of firearms.

    The execution of warrants has more to do with ‘…Searching premises.’

    Not necessarily ‘…drawing guns and running after unarmed suspects.’

    Good reasons to go back to;
    (i) …Self-Preservation Basics;
    (ii) …Learning the ‘…Beware of subterfuge principle;
    (iii) …Formulating better operational strategies; and
    (iv) …Effective deployment with;
    (a) …Cordon off team;
    (b) …Search team; and
    (c) …Snatch team.’

    With these, there will be no need to be ‘…running and sustaining accidental injury.’

    Luckily, it was not some ‘…innocent man, woman or child.’

    • I have a question for you sir … can the police got to to execute a search warrant at 330 in the morn at a house that belongs to someone else other than the person who’s name is not on the said warrent … was told the person does not live here but they proceeded to wrestle with the door as to break it down then do a entire ramsack of the premises… then leave the warrant with the owner of the house …. without giving their names…

  2. Something seems very fishy about thisπŸ€” how the hell u ah run one man and fall down and shot ya self??πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ‘€

  3. Safety first safety second safety third

    Does the police use of force policy speaks about a known person who is running away from an officer?

    If he is running away and is unarmed weapon on safe holstered and give chase or allow him to go at least you have his identity.

    Was the intent to shoot the treat that was moving away?
    Basic training Mr Rodney…..

  4. Um. He was not shot by his own gun. He was accidentally shot by another officer. Think of it how does one call on his own gun and shoots himself in the leg. Physics and reflexes says if one is going to fall one reflexes automatically stretch out ones arms to break the fall. So while he was falling the gun turned on himself. Highly unlikely. He was told to say he injured himself.

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