Police officer injured in traffic collision


A man will likely be charged with dangerous driving after reportedly slamming into a police vehicle.

The incident happened on Jonas Road this morning.

According to reports, the police vehicle was heading south to north when a Noah van collided into its left side.

The police officer was reportedly taken to hospital for treatment, but his injuries were said to be non-life-threatening.

It was alleged that the driver of the Noah van failed to stop at an intersection.

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    Invariably, ‘…a wrong horse might be saddled for a race,’ and already this news item is suggesting this.

    It might be too early to ‘…Jump to Conclusion’ as to who might be charged and with what offence.

    Professionally, can say that after the ‘…initial investigation at the scene,’ both drivers, be it police or civilian, are given a verbal ‘…Warning of Intended Prosecution.’

    This includes that one or both shall be reported for one or more of the following offences;

    (i) …Reckless;

    (ii) …Dangerous; or

    (iii) …Careless driving; or

    (iv) …for Exceeding the Speed Limit applicable to their vehicles.’

    Except a driver is truthful in accepting liability for an accident, most drivers would blame the other for causing it.

    Further investigation and independent eye-witnesses (if known) and prima facie evidence often guide the investigator as to who should be prosecuted and ‘…not necessarily what each driver says of the manner the other was driving.’

    MOTTO: Traffic investigators know they shall ‘…Keep an open mind until the facts are known.’

    • MOTTO: Traffic investigators know they shall ‘…Keep an open mind until the facts are known.’
      Whose motto is this Mr.Pompey?
      I have issues with this.
      Are your officers not Humans?
      Saddled with bag and baggage?
      Able and fully capable of bias?

  2. I am very wary of 2 Police officers,showing up at an accident scene,to then dish out a “dangerous driving “charge.
    What if the driver at fault had had,, a previous negative interaction,,with one or both officers?
    Will a bias,,then rear it’s head?
    It did just that in two accidents I had.
    A 9am.Monday morn accident I had, with 11hundred in damages ,,600 of which was labor,,kept me in an All Saints cell overnit, for I did not meet that day’s 2pm traffic court.
    Nor did I meet Tuesday’s
    Nor Wednesdays.
    The officer was not on the island,and there was no paperwork submitted.
    I was in limbo.
    To be then fined cash,,and a 2week suspension.
    All because my woman,,was too young and pretty for me,,,In the officers mind,,that showed up at the accident scene.

  3. Why don’t all the police cars have dash cams? Oh because then we would see the police driving reckless? Emergency lights and sirens should only be on when there is an emergency hence the name Emergency. It’s like boy that cried wolf. If the police want to lean to drive tell them to ring me up.

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