Police Officer gives Asot Michael’s side of the story


By Police Officer

This latest story making the rounds about a disagreement between Asot Michael and Police officer at a Carnival fete is really something else. Pure vindictive, petty politics, if you ask me.

Carnival use to be a time that we all enjoy ourselves as Antiguans and Barbudans. Traditionally, we would put party politics aside and join together as one enjoying the sun, the music and other festivities. Unfortunately, this is not so now for Asot Michael who once again has become the Red Nose Deer in the headlights of the Gaston Browne Led Antigua Labour Party Administration. Boy is that Red Machine steering to run him down and over. He cannot avoid them, like we cannot avoid the potholes in our roads.

Asot Michael in his usual jovial manner (which is at times uncomfortable for some) attended the Rise Fete on the Morning of the 6th August 2023. He was joking around with some police offices apparently — some known to him and some clearly not appreciative of his gestures of friendship. He apparently went to touch a female officer on her face cheek, but she pulled away and expressed her strong disgust at him. Some say he actually touched her face cheek; some say he was not able to as she pulled away. But bear in mind this is a touch not a grab.

Having been spoken to by a senior officer on duty Mr. Michael found it appropriate to go to the Officer to apologize and whilst doing so Mr. Michael was assaulted by a male police officer casing extensive injury to his right hand. That Officer, said to be the boyfriend of the female officer threatened to beat Mr. Michael up. He tried to slap Mr. Michael, but other officers intervened. Michael had offered no resistance whatsoever to either the female Officer who refused his greeting, the Senior Officer who spoke to him or the Young Officer who injured his arm and tried to slap him.

Is it not wrong for the officer who is romantically involved with the aggrieved officer to get involved if she complains she was touched? Should he not have simply reported to the numerous senior officers that were present instead of trying to beat up and arrest Mr. Michael on the basis of what his girlfriend said? Is that how it works now?

The obviously politically motivated female officer is now making allegations of clothes being pulled down or blouse being opened and touching inappropriately. Were these in her report? Are these things true or is someone looking for something? Who is now driving that Big Red Machine that is attempting yet again to Run Down Asot Michael?

Boy Asot best you just tap Home for Carnival 2024, mind how you walk!








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  1. Well the dirtiest politics in the book is ” if you can’t beat them, you slander them” lol. Oldest trick in the book.

    But I just have to laugh 🤣😂.
    Come out from among them Asot. If you want to run with these ravenous wolves, you better make damn sure that you are one yourself.

    You and my Good friend Shuggy better watch you’ll backs and walk the straight and narrow, cause we all know how vindictive dirty politicians can be and would damn sure love to ” run you over” literally.

    • APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON of the NAZARENE CHURCH used to be about “the straight and narrow” but now he about fete, wine up, sweaty dancing and drinking.

      • @Smh, who without sin please cast the first stone. Worry about your soul and salvation, not about Shugy’s own. I am sure you attend church, worship God and still sin in words, deeds and actions…. Like we all do. There is no perfect man or woman here on this earth. We will all sin and become short of the glory of God. Let us renew our minds daily in God’s Word and pray for each other. Let Shugy work out his own salvation with God…just keep him in your prayers along with all the other politicians.

    • The officer should take him to count. Because I know if it was me or you, we would have been arrested. These politicians get away with too much crap and need to be put in their place. I believe that is what those politicians do in their ministry offices touching up the females and male employees.

  2. The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it’s impossible for one to change their character, even if they will try very hard. The expression, sometimes also used as “a leopard can’t change its spots”, is used to explain the idea that no one can change their innate nature.

    • @Black Hypocrisy you got that right, but remember TIME IS LONGER THAN ROPE, this is Nature’s Natural Order, I say, Nature’s Revenge or KARMA.

      @From The Sideline…
      ASOT MICHAEL is the Political father and mentor of Gaston Browne, and since “birds of a feather stick together,” the crows, ravens, buzzards will come for them both at the same time.

    • Minion Sideline, here you are whenever it’s not a negative ALP story. Where were you when Air Peace brought in Nigerians that needed to be detained and then had to be rounded up in order to be returned to Africa — which caused Air Peace to be stuck on the tarmac for hours? 🤑💵🤑💵🤑💵

    • His behavior is indicative of Antigua Labour Party practices. Remember the Bruck Foot Industry of the 1980’s?

  3. How much did he pay you to write this piece of crap. If this was any other politician would we see it as a joke or politically motivated? As usual when it comes to Asot we make all kinds of excuses to justify is behavior!

  4. ANR – Antigua Newsroom.

    You cannot protect Asot from “KARMA.”
    What, is my response to Islandman26 too damming to Asot Michael’s reputation?
    He cannot hide from his true self. OBVIOUSLY!
    It’s obvious, that everyone is willing to take Asot’s public harassment and abuse and walk away.
    The lady officer was in her RIGHT, to STAND HER GROUND, and put him in his place.


    KUDOS to YOU young lady. At least, it wasn’t your crotches, that he was reaching for.

  5. So my comment is bot being posted because it does not put the named MP in a good light now hmmmmm just shows he will continue to do his bs and get a free pass because some how he is always the victim.

    • @Black Hypocrisy you got that right, but remember TIME IS LONGER THAN ROPE, this is Nature’s Natural Order, I say, Nature’s Revenge or KARMA.

  6. I have always liked Asot for years. My aunts help raised Asot since he was a young boy. Asot should know better than that to touch a police officer, especially on duty officer… friends or no friends it is wrong, and especially in the officer’s face. In other countries, Asot would be arrested and charged with sexual harassment and battery of a police officer. The female police officer’s boyfriend should have handled the situation in a professional manner first, not as protecting his lover’s girlfriend. Yes, the situation should have been reported to the senior officer on duty at the fated event. Asot, not because you are a politician, you’re wrong to touch the officer without her permission.

  7. https://antiguaobserver.com/police-yet-to-question-politician-accused-of-sexual-assault/

    The government official accused of indecently assaulting an 18-year-old female is yet to be questioned about the complaint filed against him on April 13.
    Police sources have confirmed that they are investigating the teen’s allegation that the politician sexually assaulted her on April 6, while at a memorial for a family friend who was buried that day.
    Well-placed sources told OBSERVER media that although the incident occurred on April 6, the young woman only made the report a week later due to an alleged fear for her safety.
    According to the three people who spoke with OBSERVER media on condition of anonymity, several people close to the accused began contacting the victim’s family soon after the incident occurred, and continued to do so right up to the time she went to Langfords Police Station to complain.

  8. https://antiguanewsroom.com/government-responds-to-press-statement-by-asot-michael-concerning-complaint-of-harassment/

    According to Mr. Michael’s press statement, he has been accused of harassing an employee of the EMS who has lodged a complaint with the Police. This is not the first time that Mr. Michael has been accused of sexual violations, involving our youth. My government expects the police and prosecution authorities to do all that they can within the law to protect our youth from sexual predators and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

    It is Mr. Michael’s normal practice whenever his notorious behaviour becomes public knowledge, to cast himself as a victim and to falsely and maliciously accuse others of conspiring against him. This is his usual attempt to cover-up wrongful deeds and to distract attention from himself.

    • @From The Sideline – political prostitute: Asot Michael is the Don Corleone of the ABLP GANGSTER FAMILY.
      Therefore whenever he denudes himself in public, he’s denuding ABLP. PERIOD!

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