Police officer accused of sexually assaulting 13-year-old sister


A member of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda is accused of sexually assaulting his 13-year-old sister, ANR has learned.

Members of the force are said to be concerned about an attempted cover-up.

But a source close to the situation told ANR that Commissioner Atlee Rodney is aware of the situation and has ordered an internal investigation.

It was not immediately clear if the accused officer is still on the job.

The accused officer, we’re told, is being represented by attorney Wendel Robinson.

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  1. Oh please the Police officer isn't the only one enjoying this free reing of sexual terror on young girls look at your laws it's breathes this everyday and legally too. Oh please the Police officer isn't the only one enjoying this free reing of sexual terror on young girls look at your laws it's breathes this everyday and legally too.

    Antigua age of consent gives a field day to perverts.
    Last time I was in Antigua a young lady was openly speaking about her sexual relationship with a Doctor a the Hospital and I asked someone what’s her age and was told 16 years Wow. She was a little mature but I easily could tell she was rather young.
    So a adult male 40 50 55 year can legally have sex with a 16 year old and most in Antigua think that’s ok ?
    Last time I checked 15 came before 16 and that seems to be ok with the majority of the population.
    I’ve seen grown men flirting with young girls that could be their children’s children.
    You get what you pay for.

    • Exactly u get what u pay for n most of these 16 year old girls are selling there bodies for a living cause of poverty the government nar see to that the youths dem parents are working the government is not providing enough work for the people of Antigua so both girls and boys are going to be forced to do things that they don’t want to do just so it can be less stressful on mommy n daddy cause they already havd it har, I’m not taking up for the young women in Antigua but it’s reality.

  2. In recent times I cannot understand what is happening in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB
    with reports of:-
    **. Larceny
    **. Child molestation
    ** Drug issues
    ** Murder
    **. Fraud etc.
    I am saying that there were none of those reports before but far and wide. No matter of frequent they happen, it’s wrong. In resent time some officers have been convicted but there are talks around about covering up. That’s wrong. If it is proven that the crime has been committed let the individuals face the fire. They were trained so they know right from wrong. Mr Commissioner, you will not be loved wether you do or you dam, therefore follow the law. NO COVERING UP.

    • The difference is social media.
      Back in the day there was none so you did jot know.
      Today because of social media these things are known almost instantly…

      The human element will always have short comings.

  3. We need to teachour young to love respect and care for themselves enous not to prostitute themself with old perverts who take advantage of their low self esteem. Love you children and they will love themselves

  4. People need to stand together and get these people out of there positions!!!

    We sit back and let these things keep happen!!

    When do we put an end?

  5. You people are quick to judge. Children lie on their parents and other grownups about these things. Get the whole story first.

    • Quann, that’s exactly what they would do with him in mother Africa once it is proven he is guilty. The mother country knows what to do with perverts. We’ll let the authorities decide IF he is guilty or not. The ancestors are hovering over this case, and they will see to it that justice is done.

  6. What does PWA and dear Miss Harris has to say about this?🤔 What happened Miss Harrison this not political enough?

  7. The real fathers in Antigua and Barbuda need to stand up and protect their teen daughters from these monsters especially the under age teens. The country is too small for this type of behavior especially from those who took an oath to serve and protect the people of Antigua and Barbuda. I hope it is not another Vinci who is accused of this behavior. If it is an Antiguan native born, he need to be put on Market Street and stone to death.

  8. SMH:This is a Legal Matter.What could the PWA do in this matter.She spoke out on the way the Police as a whole are treated by the those at the top.That includes 9 to 10 yards of cloth.

  9. oh dear! Please say it ain’t so. The last thing we need is another one like CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, IAN MAGIC HUGHES on the loose in our society, much less the police force.

    The young girl was also *13 years old* when IAN MAGIC HUGHES VIOLATED HER! Let justice take its course.

  10. IF what you allege is true, then why is this guy even allowed out of the house. Perverts need to be casturated, one ball at a time. Did Hughes really do what you allege? I don’t believe any political party would knowingly allow any convicted child molester anywhere near them. They’d strip him down, beat his ass, and run him down the street stark naked as he born. Please say it isn’t so. There must be more to this story.

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