Police looking for ATM fraudster


Police are seeking the assistance of the public in identifying the pictured man and knowing his whereabouts.

He is wanted in connection with allegations of fraud. It is alleged that he was seen tampering with two ATMs in two separate locations on the island, Friday evening.

Anyone with information is asked to immediately contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or 462-3914

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  1. see white people want to rob also ,they must be saying the ministers them getting away with something so let them try……if ms can be broke coming into office and now can by a top of the line car in 3 years after owing all them people, running up all them cards ….oh but e books, security contracts for schools kick backs, oh and trying to turn all schools into ac driven money grab if it is one thing these young ones is truly learning from the older ones on how it works. ……by the way how can a minister in government be renting buildings to government that is corruption in its highest form how is that fair when u making the decisions. ….how did we get here from the atm fraudster, oh all a them a thief

  2. @juju politics is everything. ..because them a rip off the poor people if u want to sit back and watch maybe you getting hands out,if you can’t see the total rip off of this country by these politicians if you know u coming into office and trying to find away for you to advance yourself by opening business so you can benefit from government renting your heavy duty equipments, your office space you have for rent, or giving your friends contract so u can cream off of the top it is corruption. …it is robbing the poor people and it is nooooo different than the man that goes and put a gun to someones head and Rob them…..when the people of this country stop taking ham and turkey for votes then you think alp would be in power now what have they done for the poor people of this country absolutely nothing. take a drive in Ebenezer in the morning look to your right and then on the other side of that building that is going up,ask whos building are those check and see who is renting the buildings ,the government haver the doctors, apua,and state insurance do you think that is right it is corruption. ..have you see were the culture office is who do you think owned that and how much is paid a month for that would it not be feasible to build a building and put that office mind you materials for government will carry know duty on it ,so you tell me if this does not affect you then something is wrong with you. when a minister can tell you that one minister got rich from wearing shirt with holes in it and does not smoke big head ,is telling the people that they are dumb, but the same minister burn bigger heads with them cigars.THIS COUNTRY IS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND KNOW ONE CAN TELL ME DIFFERENTLY ,YOU CAN’T TRY TO ENRICH YOUR SELF WITH THE PEOPLES MONEY YOU ARE THERE TO SERVE NOT TO GET RICH,IF YOU HAD THAT INTENTIONS STAY OUT OF POLITICS. ….ASK MS BROWNE WHAT HIS PLANS ARE ….if the people elects this fa&$/ again then we are really scraping at the bottom of the barrel. ..politics is everything because the bad decisions they make affect our everyday life.

  3. I agree with all of the above sentiments express.On election day go out and vote for a big change.We are dying in Antigua.,Is now Antigua gone,gone ,gone a million gone.maybe it is 16 million gone Remember that gone phrase prior to 2014 election.By the way where is that old lady.Please ask her if Antigua came back since 2014. Poor old lady.

  4. He looks like an Investor. Not sure if he is a DNA, ABLP, UPP, True Labour, or Go Green but one thing for sure his action looks like the Modus operandi of an investor. Enough said……

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