Police Launch Investigation into Disturbing Domestic Violence Incident Caught on Video


A family reported domestic violence to the police involving a young couple.

Witnesses state that a fight occurred when the man tried to collect his belongings from the house.
A video filmed by a family member captures the woman asking for the house keys, the man walking away angrily, her throwing a stone at him, and him retaliating.

The woman falls to the ground and seems to be knocked out. Share your thoughts on this troubling incident by leaving a comment.

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  1. If he is getting his things to leave, why is she trying to incite violence? Just let him go and let the police collect the keys. But no… physically preventing him from doing so (physically assaulting him), then attempted to knock him out with a stone (aggrevated assault), and in return get your ass knocked out. Now that he retaliated, the biased judicial system will “throw the book at him” as if she didn’t cause the entire situation from going there. Folks… especially ladies, do not hit men and expect them to not retaliate! Men do not hit women! People who physically assault their partners should face jail time. Tap um!

  2. women like to hit first then say men should not hit women so why is it ok to beat up on a man. for me it’s equal rights and equal fights keep your hands to yourself.

  3. women like to hit first then say men should not hit women so why is it ok to beat up on a man? for me it’s equal rights and equal fights keep your hands to yourself. l like fo do bullshit then play votctim

    • If that makes misslie that was thrown at had hit him in the head then he would be possibles dead or badly injured she went after him even though he was leaving let’s be fair the whole thing could have been avoided both of them are aggravating and aggressive I herd ‘hit me na hit me ‘. The young man did walk away but she never let up! Hope she recovers well.

  4. women like to hit first then say men should not hit women so why is it ok to beat up on a man? for me it’s equal rights and equal fights so keep your hands to yourself. y’all like o do bullshit then play victim.

  5. This a one a them gangster couple where the female think she more gangster and still no realize 1735 to these young men now a day’s is just a hotel paradise where they don’t think twice about going to.

  6. This Take Back Man, who was coming for his OWN things, had to deal with a Woman who didn’t want to cooperate. He wasn’t “Taking Everything Antigua Soca 2024” Oh No!!!

  7. Although provocation by the woman was a mitigating factor, the young man is in the wrong and he will probably be charged with assault and battery. And if this occurred today, Friday, and he is detained by the police he will be sitting behind a cell to contemplate his life’s decisions until Monday, he doesn’t strike me as a deep thinker though.

    Hopefully she only received a concussion with subcutaneous lacerations and not permanent brain damage. He may also be responsible for paying all medical expenses associated with her injury. He could be facing a manslaughter charge if she had a preexisting unknown medical condition which may have resulted in her instant death due to the blow to her head.

  8. So my opinion is that both persons have rights. If the man was living there beyond 30 days, he cannot be unlawfully evicted/barred from entering the property ESPECIALLY for the purpose of collecting his things. HOWEVER, police should have been requested in aid of the belonging removals by the man, just to keep the peace.

    I did see the unlawful application of force began with the woman pushing the man. Again, this MSN according to law would have the right to be present if he has resided their beyond 30 days, with the intent of it being his home and has some possession and control over the home, he has a key.

    At all times during the incident, lady was the aggressor, battered and assaulted the man and at the end he applied force while not having sufficient cooling off time from the attempted battery, apprehension assault that occurred seconds before he responded with throwing the stone.

    I would have preferred for him to keep walking and ignore but he is within the law and no charges can be reasonably laid upon the man, based on the video I have seen.

    Based on the video I have seen, the woman can be charged with assault, battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, constructive eviction (if I rely on the story of the writer), kidnapping (unlawfully keeping something belonging to another so that the person does not feel like they can leave because they are not able to get their chattels). And other serious crimes.

    These conclusions are based on this video and what is being alleged by this news agency.

    Also, it seems as if the woman faked, being hit, the stone seem to not have touched her that the man threw.

  9. If you know the couple They always on and off . She probably jealous of the man new gf. Reason why I say that go on her profile and see her post. It hit hard because he go for his things.

  10. These young women think they have the right to put their hands n a man. The guy was trying to get his things just let him get it and leave. She fling blow pun the man and then expect the man not to get fed up after she throw a big rock at the boy head, smh. She want to act like a man and fight a man, well i guess you get handled like a man.

  11. That’s why the woman say she not sorry for her. She is just jealous he have a new woman , all that bex her is that he went for his things and she can’t take the done. She probably feel this was a next episode of there on and off relationships. If you know the couple personally then you know there back story

  12. Toxic relationship leads to these behaviors instead of TEACHING YOUNG GIRLS HOW TO LOOK CUTE TEACH SELF LOVE & SELF ESTEEM Toxic relationship leads to these behaviors instead of TEACHING YOUNG GIRLS HOW TO LOOK CUTE TEACH SELF LOVE & SELF ESTEEM


    HE SHOULDNT BE ARRESTED EITHER SHE HIT 1st so they BOTH should be charged

    In todays world men ain’t turning the other cheek give him his clothes and he give her her keys

    These dis functional toxic adults isn’t cute at all

    Low self esteem issues stop teaching your young girls abt being cute INSTEAD TEACH HWR SELF LOVE SELF ESTEEM

  13. My input,he should have asked for a Police presence to get his personal belongings.Perhaps that stupid confrontation would have been avoided.

  14. Typical woman, always inciting trouble and then crying victim. She was the most violent one in the entire incident. He was collecting his belongings and walking away but that wasnt satisfaction for her. She didnt see that coming and serves her right.

  15. This is a sad video.
    Antigua needs some housing projects Pronto!
    Poverty breathes contempt, and confusion😕

  16. I’m so sorry for the poor baby screaming. This environment is so toxic and no one took the child out of the incident they all were too busy being in the mix.. how that kid doesn’t grow up to be one of those criminals on the streets because of this violent unstable environment

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