Police Issue Warning Over Illegal Gatherings This Weekend


The Police are again cautioning residents of Antigua and Barbuda to desist from any illegal gathering in crowds at private or public functions; especially throughout this holiday weekend.


Residents are reminded that according to the Public Health (Dangerous Infectious Diseases) Amendment Act of 2020; no one should host or attend any private party, which includes any person from outside his or her immediate household. Equally, no one is permitted to attend or participate in any sporting event or any sports stadium; or hold any banquet, ball or reception.


Property owners are also warned not to host or encourage any party or gathering on their premises. Failure to comply, the owner of the property along with the organizer of the event, and those found in attendance will be arrested by the police. The penalty for committing an offence under this Act is $5,000 or imprisonment for six months or to both fine and imprisonment.


The Police Administration use this opportunity to wish residents and visitors to Antigua and Barbuda a safe and incident-free holiday weekend; and further encourage strict adherence to all protocols governing COVID-19.



  1. Time to teach the ABLP a lesson. They shouldn’t be returned to power for the abuse of the people during this overly extended lockdown. Their far left politics are ruining Antigua and their admiration of the globalist agenda is downright dangerous for everyone.
    Let’s see if the UPP (or some other party) has learned anything about how to run a country and how to treat the people.
    How about trying something new. Vote Conservative. Pro Business, Pro God, Pro Family.

  2. I wonder how all those who voted this dictator in feel about this bullshit.

    If you continue voting for the Gaston regime, there’s is more of this dictator ruling in your near future. Guests in hotels can almost do as they like but we Antiguans aren’t allowed to do the same. The same goes for the bullshit no selling/buying alcohol on good Friday. We depend on tourism and they want to enforce only certain laws and not others such as the no buggery law.

    Antigua needs to get rid of this dictator and his regime before it’s too late.

  3. The ‘dictator’ stays. You, Antigua Citizen, can go to hell or its equivalent – US, Europe, the Middle East and take Justus with you. Wheel and never come again. Bugsy, I’ll be patient with. His problem is merely cerebral, a problem of not comprehending the simple English phrase of what constitutes “an illegal gathering”. That deficiency can easily be corrected once he/she is willing to learn and not suffering from arrogant ignorance or ignorant arrogance.
    ‘Dictator’ please continue to take whatever steps are necessary to protect my health and that of my beloved country. Thank you!!!

    • “To hell with me” ?
      You’re one arrogant bastardized!
      If you like the”dictator” so much than you’ll probably love your continued slavery you foolish man. Do you really think he cares a damn about you? He doesn’t !
      You’re really showing your slave mentality and probably don’t even know it.

      • @Justus: You can never talk sense with an ignoramus like Anon the 1st. He mind poil from all the kickbacks he getting.

  4. Anon the 1st:You have to forgive me.I am not as bright as you.I went to school at 5 and left at 6.Since then,I have never been back to any schools.I just wondered why am I so successful.

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