Police investigating traffic accidents


Police are currently conducting investigations into two separate traffic accidents which took place on the Southern side of the island, between Thursday night and Friday morning.

The first incident occurred around 11:30 pm on Thursday at Bolans in the vicinity of Our Lady of the Valley Anglican Church. Amertha Singh, 24yrs-old of Potters Village was the driver of a green Hyundai Getz motor car A30187, which was travelling from north to south on the said road, when she claimed that she lost control of the vehicle and collided into the church fence and a mahogany tree. She was taken to Mount St John Medical Center, where it was reported that her left shoulder was dislocated. She was kept for observation. The vehicle was extensively damaged.

In the other incident, Stacy ann Roberts of Cades Bay was the driver of a white Honda Edix motor car, A30613 traveling from south to north on Valley Road in the vicinity of the old Caribbean Radio Lighthouse. The driver claimed that she got distracted by a bottle of water which fell on some documents in her bag that was left open. As a result she lost control of the said vehicle and ran off the road on the eastern side and over turn on its roof.

The driver along with three other passengers; to include a 4yr-old and an 8yr-old were transported to Mount St Johns Medical Center via EMS complaining of neck and chest pains. Doctors at the hospital said that their injuries are none life threatening. The vehicle was extensively damaged.

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  1. Please add those two cars to the list to be band!!
    I never have the privilege to license or insure a car in Antigua
    but from the kind of accidents and the damages I see to
    these cars and people losing their lives one would have to think
    that insurance in Antigua is relatively cheap.

    • Really the minister was making a point and all of u ran with it ….they driving them cars to fast …every time i have to pull of the road when they coming towards me so fast.. but the government have to do something or innocent people going get killed i dont have a problem if they do in themselves but the innocent.

  2. Am going to be playing the lotto on Tuesday to purchase some vehicles to give the police department, because we need some police officers patrolling our highways, parked at certain intersections on our highways 24 hours a day to minimize some of these traffic accidents


    Even without excessive speed, there were ‘…Freak Accidents.’

    From these images and extensiveness of damages, seemed that these vehicles ‘…Cut Loose’ from the female drivers.

    The vehicle that ‘…turned turtle,’ suggested that the driver ‘…panicked; …lost control; and …rolled over.’

    Now, apart from the innocent ‘…Toyota Vitz,’ there might be two others for the ban;

    (i) ‘…Hyundai Getz; and

    (ii) …Honda Edix.’

    Do like all three ‘Make’ though.

    By the way;

    (a) …Which body is lighter;

    (b) …Which engine is more powerful; and

    (c) …Which Make is faster?’

    Caregivers at the Mount St. John Medical Center MSJMC) could provide some answers.

    Professionally speaking, while some accidents may be avoided, there is no way that traffic accidents will be completely eliminated from the roadway.

    If motor vehicles are blamed for accidents, then the Traffic Laws need to be amended or repealed to apportion blame on vehicles so involved. It would be foolish, because vehicles do not drive in Antigua and Barbuda.

    Even as most drivers so intended to drive, ‘…Cautiously or Carefully,’ the manner of driving never occurs at the same time; that is to say,

    (i) …Careless Driving; (ii) …Dangerous; or (iii) …Reckless Driving.’

    However, for causation and liability, the manner of driving is determined only after an accident.’

    If one was driving at a fast rate of speed,’…some traffic personnel without Speed-checking Radars’ continue to confuse themselves that a motorist was driving dangerously.

    All that the motorist had only done was ‘…Exceed the Speed Limit.’ This is only one element of a ‘…Reckless or Dangerous or Careless Driving offence.’

    Sadly, ‘…most drivers and some attorneys’ do not know the elements that constitute these offences.

  4. Accidents will occur but

    No conscious person would intentionally flip, slam in to a tree, utility pole or wall, to book a spot in the news.

    What these speeding driver’s do to themselves is their business.

    my concern is for the innocent law abiding that get caught up in their nonsense.

    If they want to speed to:
    a) check that their air bags are working or
    b) ensure the utility pole is sufficiently planted or
    c) check if the contractor did a good job with the wall or
    d) to give our doctors experience in trauma or
    e) to experience riding in a hurst back

    It is there nonsense. Warned and forewarned.

    Please be more vigilant to avoid these speedsters and never challenge or compete with them. Give them enough space so that the utility post can have an intimate conversation with them. Enough said

  5. Molwyn Joseph,should those cars involved in the accidents be banned.I think they should be.Those cars were driving themselves in a reckless and over speeding manner in my opinion.They must be banned.Oh no,me the tap dawg say,no way.

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