Police investigate two instances of fraud involving building materials purchased with cheques issued by the same man


REAL NEWS: A man is being investigated for fraud after he reportedly issued cheques to two separate businesses, being aware that he did not have sufficient funds on his bank account to cover the transactions.

According to reports, the general manager of Ankido Shipping contacted the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and complained that – on August 9 – the suspect had purchased from his company a number of air-conditioning units valued at $21,000.

However, when the company sought to clear the cheque the man had used to pay for the units, it was returned for insufficient funds.

Apparently, attempts to obtain the money proved futile, and the Police were notified.

Meanwhile, in a similar incident that involved the same suspect, the cashier at Antigua Plumbing & Hardware reported to the Police that – in April of this year – the man purchased building materials in the amount of $94,941 from the company and paid by way of a cheque.

However, this cheque was also returned for insufficient funds, and the company has been unable to get the money from the man.

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    • I agree. That way we can prevent him using a check at another shop. Just like credit checks there needs to be a central red flag listing of people that have issued bounce checks. A bounced check is in fact a cost to the economy. An economic transaction has taken place without the exchange of funds. Therefore, the transaction is not complete.

  1. Sean is a name I know as a big time Fraudster right here in Anu, he goes around frauding people for a living, he has a bakery too and always looking investors for his fancy schemes, he is a human sponge, always sponging off other people money, think him live lightfoot too, him never home when you go to get ya money, always hiding. He and the police dem a fren suh good luck to all dem who want back dem money…..lawwd look a trouble !

  2. I need stuff but I aint got enough cash……(Lightbulb) Hey!!! I have an Idea I will just use this cheque book and get what I want…hmmmm..Yep easy peezy

  3. Oh he doing the UPP BOUNCED CHEQUE dance. That’s all. Why he didn’t call Sean Bird or the Limpy Joe IMF Pimp to teach him de dance properly? Good candidate for the UPP if the 2 with medical and financial challenges decide to disregard Lovell’s advice and bow out. Dem begging to quit the race, but it would look really bad on Lovell so he plead with dem to HANG IN THERE. Won’t make a difference anyway….blows fu dem!!!

  4. Some Things To Ponder.
    He Must have a Prominent Stature
    Businessman of Some Order…
    Did he Fake His Identification ?
    Does He / She have People Gainfully Employed.
    Post Covid Pandemic ..
    Seems thoughtfully or Movielioe to Me.
    Be Safe look left Look Right den Left Again
    TRUST no 🎶 Shadow..

  5. And another thing, banks should play an important role in curbing this type of fraud. People who have repeatedly issued checks without having enough funds in their account should be banned from obtaining a checkbook. They should only do cash transactions or buy a bank draft. Perhaps like in the old days in Europe you purchase certified bank checks which are as good as cash since they are guaranteed by the issuing bank. They can be in denominations of $100.00, $200.00, and $500.00. Once the holder signs over the check to a merchant it is considered a cash payment. They can also be exchanged for cash. Before the introduction of credit cards, traveler’s checks used to operate the same way. Usually issued by a credit card company in order to be accepted world wide.

  6. When the name is not called. It is an uppity type person,well known.For if he was from the Ghetto. His name would be fully in that story. Why he is not arrested.

  7. This is another crazy story in this publication. Where in the world does this still happens? You pay your bills with a check that’s it. No business place accepts checks for merchandise. You are buying something you use your debit card or a credit card. If you do not have the money on your accounts you cannot have the merchandise plane and simple.
    If someone issues a check to pay a bill and it comeback as ISF both sides charges you a fee and that’s it. There is no involvement of the police this is a civil mater. If you chose to give the person your goods then take them to court to get your money. The police gets involved in all people Malay.

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