Police investigate theft of valuable fighter-fowls from Potters man’s property

evil rivals of the village cocks started a fight at the summer yard

REAL NEWS: A Potters man’s prized fighter-fowls have been stolen and the incident is under investigation.

A report of the matter was made to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), where the owner complained that the five fowls, valued at $4,000, had been removed from their pen.

In response, officers went on duty at Potters Village and observed the enclosure on the southern side of the premises.  It appeared that an unknown person had jumped the fence, into the pen, and stolen the fowls from their cages.

A search for the stolen birds was carried out in the surrounding area, but without success.

This offence reportedly occurred between 10 a.m. and 6:20 p.m. on May 7.

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  1. Is fowl fighting legal? It is a most inhumane activity. To have an animal fight to the death for some sick person’s sport.
    The owner of those fowls should be charged for cruelty to animals.

    • Well Well! WE ARE THE World
      Michael Vick 🐕 or Michael Chick 🤔
      The Whole SAGA Sick so is RICK………James!!
      Extremities SOAR
      Petty Jealousy Galore.
      Blood Bath wicked SORES .
      ” Fly can Cry”.
      Potter MAN..ask Krokus!
      Dem Big enough to Fight
      Jump de Fence wid u SEAsoning!
      RICE Cook no MeatKine
      Dem Fighting Fowl Taste GOOD
      With Tomatoes Brocolli Scatter
      “JERK & Barbeque* Sauce .
      Dem Kin Tough!
      EAT de BEAK…so to Speak!!!
      I’m Weak lol! 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 😂

    • Why don’t you shut your mouth if you don’t know something these fowl do it on their own they was born for this we do not do anything to them they born they raise and that is what they do around in the yard on their own

    • @Joan Salmon
      Do you eat chicken?
      Do you purchase chicken for friends and family?
      Well, once upon a time they were alive….who killed them Joan?

  2. Yeah, don’t you know that these fighting fowls are actually born with razor sharp spikes on their heels.

    People like this clown are craven cowards who use animals to do their bidding instead of having the guts to climb into the ring themselves.

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