Police Investigate Stabbing Of Girl And Other Youth Violence


Police are conducting investigations into three separate wounding incidents, among different groups of young people, over the past couple of days.
On Tuesday 17th September, a 14yr-old student of the Sir Novel Richards Academy, who resides at Bendals, reported to police that she was at the East Bus Station, when she was allegedly stoned by a group of students. The incident escalated into a fight, and she was allegedly stabbed multiple times in her upper back with a sharp object. She was transported to Mount St. Johns Medical Center, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and later discharged. Police have since recovered the alleged weapon used in the incident. Several statements have also been recorded from witnesses in relation to that incident.
Meanwhile, on Thursday 19th September, a 20yr-old male of Grays Farm reported to police that he was pounced upon and beaten by six males and one female. He reported that he was on South Street, when his alleged attackers used a hard object to wound him in his head. He was taken to Mount St. Johns Medical Center, where doctors reported that his injury was not serious. Investigations are ongoing into the matter.
Finally, a mother and her 16yr-old son of Nut Grove reported to police that she and her son were attacked on Friday 20th September by three boys in Nut Grove.
It is alleged that three boys, also from the Nut Grove area confronted the 16yr-old boy, while he was walking home from school. The young man managed to avoid them and was a short distance away, when he spotted the same boys attacking his mother, who just came off a bus. A confrontation ensued, and the 16yr-old ended up with injuries to his face and head. He was transported to Mount St. Johns Medical Center, where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and later discharged. Further investigations are ongoing into the matter.
The police are concerned about the spate of wounding incidents involving young people, and are calling upon parents to become more involved in the day to day affairs of their children. The general public is also urged to report any signs of skirmishes or other suspicious activities among school children to the police without delay.



  1. Why are these young people have this evil criminal behavior? The parents for these teenagers and young adults (child/children) should be jail for raising criminals. Something has to be wrong in their generation DNA. They need Jesus and deliverance.

  2. Sometimes children are well trained but at time defy training and are influenced by peers to do wrong and they prefer that part. It differs other times.
    This attack on others by our young people by their peers has getten out of hand. It is time to bring back the DARE program by the POLICE in the school system to teach the children about drugs and violence. It has worked before.

  3. The children did not invent this type of behavior, they got it from somewhere.

    The mirror is a good place to start when looking for answers . …..

    • I agree with u 100%. What some of us as parents fail to do after having children is change our behaviour and also forget children are like sponges they soak up any and everything that that feel is right and then use it without knowing the consequences that would come after.

  4. These Incidences seem to be taken lightly by the Police. It is clear that the parents of these young people who are soo vicious and angry have failed them,therefore what is the point of keep asking them to be vigilante with their kids when the Horses have clearly already bolted from the barn..When incidences like these occur,the young people should be punished in some form-as to their parents- the Child is a minor,if he/she is found on the street after a certain time of day,the Parents should be arrested for child neglect..By giving some sort of punishment along with some counseling,it may just deter some future criminals ..

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