Police Investigate Early Morning Sexual Assault, Urge Vigilance and Public Assistance


Police are investigating a sexual assault reported last Saturday at around 4 a.m. An adult woman was allegedly attacked by a masked man, and the case has been referred to the Special Victims Unit.

Inspector Frankie Thomas highlighted the seriousness of such crimes and urged women, particularly those living alone, to take precautions, secure their homes, and stay vigilant.

The police are seeking public assistance with the investigation and are committed to handling these offenses with utmost seriousness.

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  1. It is not up to “women, particularly those living alone, to take precautions, secure their homes, and stay vigilant” … it is up to this man to not rape. It is up to the police force to find this man. It is up to the legal authorities to prosecute this man. Do not put responsibility for his actions on his victims. He is responsible. And public servants are responsible for stopping him.

  2. Even though this young man is responsible for this rape, we as women also should take precautions. As long as there is sin, men will partake in these heinous crimes so whatever we have to do to protect ourselves we should.

  3. That’s like saying thieves shouldn’t steal and burglars shouldn’t burgle so leave your vehicle and home wide open and take no precautions. That makes no sense. As a woman I will take precautions because the world is full of crime and criminals and they will commit these acts whether I like it or not so YES it is up to me to SAFEGUARD MYSELF from them as much as I’m able. Would you tell a store owner oh robbers shouldn’t rob or would you tell him it is wise to get alarms and cameras to safeguard your property from them? They shouldn’t but they will and that is a reality of life just like birth and death so protect yourself and defend yourself.

  4. A blessed good morning to each and everyone in Antigua and Barbuda Base on all these reports that i am hearing about tape you can see that the young ladies are trying there Best to try and avoid the alleged offence from happen to because most of what i am reading they are been attack in there dwelling places while they are asleep from my point of view law enforcement really and truly need to step up

  5. Good morning again all i can see from the top to bottom in this country we have no love for each other nobody have time to fight crime all we are doing is fighting money blessed Lord please help us nobody is protecting and serve lawfully at this day and age police officers wake remember God is the creator and ruler of the world please stop been mislead by political advises remember the oath you take when you help the holy bible in your right 👍 hand 👌 citizens of Antigua and Barbuda wake

  6. @Rico… I see what you did there 😉

    Heart goes out to the victim. Nobody should have to experience this at all. Everyone here has some valid points.

    1 everyone should have the right to peace and safety

    2 not because you have that right your vigilance and awareness should be at a minimum.

    I don’t recommend panic level awareness that has you not even trusting your shadow. But just know law enforcement involvement means it’s after the fact


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