Police investigate Bishopgates Street homicide


Police are continuing investigations into the circumstances surrounding a shooting incident on Bishopgate Street.

A 33-year-old man of Herbert’s Estates was later pronounced dead at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Center by a medical doctor.

The alleged incident occurred around 9:30 pm on Friday.

Further details will follow later during the day.

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  1. PM Browne allows immigration from Jamaica under CARICOM rules, and now we are overrun by Jamaican criminals. These crimes will continue to happen.

    Antigua used to be such a safe and nice place. With PM Browne’s CARICOM immigration strategy, Antigua is now filled with hardcore criminals with guns!

    Antigua needs to withdraw from CARICOM now, so we are no longer forced to accept ‘migrant’ criminals.

    • Remember when only Dominicans were immigrants in Antigua. No problems then
      Now Antigua like a little New York. A melting pot. Ah you tap dey wid Dat. Gee me back me 1960’s. Ah you can keep all dis new age stuff, new technology. Computer, cell phone and all dem tings. Young people lub all dem tings but dem nah happy.

    • Smh!!!….you people are big hypocrites. Most of you try to copy Jamaican culture. You love jamaican food. When Beenie Man Shaggy Sean Paul etc come here u buy the tickets fast and in the front row of the shows. I think it’s just pure BADMIND AND ENVY!!

      • Copy Jamaican culture and food ? Àntigua and Jamaican food is different but similar.In many aspects.
        Claim to fame is JERK
        LOL I always find humor when Jamaicans on YouTube cook black beans and rice and IT’S CALLED JAMAICAN BLACK BEANS AND RICE.
        Baked Mac n cheese JAMAICAN MAC N CHEESE .
        Fried plantains JAMAICAN FRIED PLANTAINS .
        Black cake JAMAICAN BLACK CAKE.
        Curry chicken JAMAICAN CURRY CHICKEN .
        This not a hit job on them CHECK YOUTUBE THIS IS REAL TALK .
        They claim every damn thing even the water to boil the rice it’s JAMAICAN WATER .

      • Unfortunately, some Jamaicans also bring their gun, ghetto behaviour, and crime culture with them. As far as I am concerned, they can go back to Jamaica and take their bad behaviour with them. Antigua use to be such a small peaceful place until certain Caricom nationals started showing up.

  2. Some might get upset but, as you can see with your own eyes 👀 the facts are the facts numbers don't lie. Some might get upset but, as you can see with your own eyes 👀 the facts are the facts numbers don't lie.

    2005 Jamaica had the highest murder rate
    In the WORLD 🌍 at 1,674 that is 5 per day.
    2020 1,301 murders.

  3. Mystery lady Jamaica has some of the worst criminals on planet earth, some of them makes Antigua their second home.

  4. Everyone have a mind of their own, if Jamaicans tell Antiguans go jump in fire and kill themselves they wouldn’t. They follow what suits them. Stop point finger and play victims, Antigua have some cold blooded murderers too and it’s not no Jamaican they following. Y’all aren’t perfect. Human beings mess up, Antiguans do it too. Stop talking like evil is not in you. The difference is population

  5. I find it absolutely unfair that you guys are pointing out the Jamaicans. There are criminals everywhere! Crime is inevitable and sadly, so is death. Would you guys prefer the rebels from Haiti, Africa, Columbia? Cause these are some de capitalizing mfs who will record and send your parts to your family… I’m just saying, crime could be worse.

    Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t condoning crime but to single out Jamaicans is uncool. I mean how would you like it if a country suggested not accepting Antiguans for being thieves when we’re not all thieves…. because clearly we have a lot of that going on

    Don’t do that.

  6. Lets get it straight, its not Jamaicans or Antiguans, it’s MEN. The common denominator in most violent crimes = men.

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