Police Investigate Attempted Armed Robbery In Golden Grove


Police Investigate Attempted Armed Robbery In Golden Grove:


Law enforcers are on the scene of what is being reported to be an attempted robbery in Golden Grove.

It is reported that armed men attempted to rob the Golden Grove Service Station.

There are reports of gunfire during the incident.


This incident is a breaking news story. More details will be provided as they come to hand.


However, the last few days have been one marked by gun crimes. There have been two armed robberies at supermarkets, one home invasion, a shooting on Newgate street today and now the Golden Grove shooting.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas addressed the issue of gun crime today.

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  1. Melchisedec
    June 23, 2021 At 9:10 am
    The UPP has gotten it wrong once again, the country is indeed in a state of emergency. Decreased revenue, with no solution, creates desperation, which results in mayhem.

    Seems as if the government is creating the condition to justify there state of emergency.

    Social beings are locked into their homes or face a fine or jail time.
    Frustration sets in creating increased domestic violence, robberies etc.

    lack of adequate sustained social programs for the citizenry.

    Yep definite making of a state of emergency.

    • I am an antiguan. Can u prove it WAS foreigners? Y’all need to stop everyone is innocent until proven guilty. When they catch whoever we will know where they come from.

      • My comment never said it was foreigners; therefore I don’t need to disprove anything. Try again !

  2. …and, Melfold Nicholas when these gun manufacturing/assembly plants become fully operational on Our shores, at the Economic Free Trade Zone at ZIDA TOWN, hell will definitely not have any fury, like a woman’s scorn.
    Buckle your seatbelts folks. The turbulence has just began. You’re in for one hell of a phucking ride.
    The #GUN CULTURE is already deep rooted in the Culture from the lyrics in the music, the actions in entertainment, the behavior of those in authority to the lack of respect!

    Buckle your seatbelts folks!

    • If only man would praise JAH for his lovingkindnesses and Grace. My fellow Brothers and Sisters has turned astray to vanity: It will consume their souls. We profess Christianity but do not live by the words spoken by JAH. If son of men would Praise JAH for his mercies.

  3. Time for the cabinet clean out, go a supermarket and stock up again cause everything inna that cabinet Dey pwoil. Some kinda melford

  4. Did this fool just say that unemployed people are smuggling guns to rob people? The white women can’t believe this buffoon is a MP. Call the elections now!

  5. These are the times in which we live. As foretold in the Bible: when the heart of men will be SO EVIL AND CORRUPT because the enemy is allowed to control minds.

    Still, we have not seen anything yet. IT WILL GET PROGRESSIVELY WORSE. As we draw closer and closer to the end, this world will be turned further upside down.

    The signs are all around us….and staring us smack in the face. Only the foolish will close their minds and refuse to believe.

    We have rejected the Righteous life our Creator offers us and instead prefer vanity and greed. Thus, what can we expect? We can only reap what we sow. No way around that philosophy.

    All the violence, crimes, diseases, and natural disasters will only take our world into a path never before imagined. Everything is connected and not isolated. The stage is being set for a final showdown: GOOD vs EVIL.
    God has angels on the earth protecting people, but as we get closer and closer to the end and the heart of man become dead fixed on greed and corruption, these protective angels are gradually being withdrawn from the earth. Hence, the enemy is being allowed to implement his full onslaught on humanity and our planet. Demons have taken over the minds of the people: in government and religion.
    All the calamities: accidents ( building collapsing, natural disasters, diseases, violence, etc). It is a definite sign that the protective angels are quite aware that humanity in general has already set its mind only on evil. God will NEVER force His will on us. He made us free moral agents and put the two options before us. We chose and so we reap.

    With all these calamities, religion and politics will one last time unite their powers and resources to supposedly solve the problems of violence, diseases, climatic disasters, poverty, etc. All this will seem good, and most of the world will accept this subtle, deceptive ploy.

    There is a plan for world domination by the evil forces masquerading as the solution to the world’s problems. This present covid-19 pandemic is setting the stage for the implementation of that plan. Nothing is isolated, everything is connected.

    The whole climate change saga will be a springboard for bringing about a dramatically changed world. The Bible pronounces it as ” All the world wondered after the beast”. Revelation 13:3

    Note, it did not say a few or some, but “ALL”, signifying the majority.
    The time is at hand for this combination of religion and government to work. Once again, the church will control the governments. Camouflaged as being the good for all people, but in fact it will be for the destruction of the masses.

    Yet still: God calls on the people to repent. To reject the way of the wicked and seek His grace.


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