Police Investigate Alleged Fake Doctors


Two men believed to be unlawfully engaged in the practice of medicine here have been arrested by the police.

There were taken into custody earlier today.

According to a police source, the men are being questioned over reports that they have been falsely practising medicine in violation of the laws of the country.

They were not charged up until the point of this publication.

Our police source has asked us to withhold the names until the men have been charged.

We will provide more information as the investigation progresses.

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  1. Wow! Far more dangerous than being a “fake doctor” is being a “real doctor” and having patient permanently damaged or dead at your hands. Do we have MALPRACTICE INSURANCE for doctors yet?

  2. Not long ago fake pharmacist. Now fake doctor. What next…fake hospital? Or fake pharmacy? We’ve got it all!

  3. Anybody can come Antigua and do as they like. Joke country joke justice system joke regulation joke oversight
    All you have to do is talk to a minista

    • Dessalines -They are caught right? They did not get away with it so maybe they can tell us who was the Minista according to you that they spoke to. The same fake system caught them. Your comment is absolutely irrelevant..Politics are causing you people to appear very ignorant..SMDH.

  4. With a large cultural diversity in Antigua and Barbuda, we will expect this type of behavior. More to come with the slack systems in ANU. Yes, ANU need investment but it must be in the right way.
    Do these accused fake doctors have a medical business licence to operate in Antigua? Do they just show up in Antigua and start their practice without any necessary approve from the medical board?

  5. Surely not Antiguans? Dem not so brite and bareface!!
    You warne fu tell me that Antigua soooo slack and well known for anyting goes that ARL FAKERS A COME AND KNO DEM WILL GET THROUGH WITH DEM FAKE CREDENTIALS!!??

    • I agree with your comment. Some Antiguans and Barbudans born nationals are being turned down daily with proof of their academic transcripts or credentials. It seems like anyone who is an outsider they get through with anything in ANU.

  6. Antigua my beautiful country I love… It seems like anything goes for people who’re coming into ANU to invest…”DO AS YOU LIKE”. While we the natives are being squeeze whenever we try to start up a business.

  7. Why are we mixing politics into this ??let’s wait to see what the full story is before we start passing judgment on our ministers or our country

  8. I am sure that this story will die a natural death given that the Doctor (?) in question is an Ambassador. Do you see how quickly the matter was brought before the magistrate? Anyone else would have been held by the police for over 48 hours before the charges were laid. Officialdom privileges.

    • Nonsense again- The incident took place since 2015.. How fast did it reach the magistrate ? Like 4 years fast.Please get the facts before going on Social media and spreading fake news,too much of that seem to be happening these days.Everyone knows everything..

  9. Is there a statutory body in Antigua responsible for licensure of medical professionals? Who is responsible for checking into the credentials of people who want to practice medicine? Can just anyone claim to be a doctor on the island and just practice? And I mean not just internal medicine but psychologist, chiropractors, etc. It seems like people just do as they like in Antigua while poor people dying because the medical professionals are so incompetent. Ridiculous.

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