Police identify murder victim as Jonathan Manley

36yr old Jonathan Manley of Cashew Hill

Police Probe Cashew Hill Man Murder- CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHAT’S APP GROUP

The police are appealling to the public for assistance as they continue investigations into the circumstances that resulted in the death of 36yr old Jonathan Manley of Cashew Hill.

It is alleged that sometime around 9:30 pm on Saturday 14 May, an unknown assailant went to the home of the deceased and shot him multiple times while he was sitting outside his house.

He was taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center by EMS where he succumbed to his injuries. A medical doctor pronounced him dead at 10:14 pm.

Anyone with information that can further assist the police may contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913 or call Crimestoppers at 800-Tips.

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    • Down in the Wid,Wild,West,Antigua,you need to wear your bulletproof Vests What is happening in my Paradise,my place of birth? Are there too many illegal guns in Antigua?

  1. Dont know who did it but I do know that we are seeing more of this type of thing since the open-door policy and the resulting endless “hamnesty”. Ir is clear that ABLP is literally killing this country and there can be no way back once they remain in power. VOTE DEM OUT!!!

    • Zackie stop with the LIES LIES LIES and PROPAGANDA!!! There is no “open door” immigration policy with respect to the amnesty. There is a time-frame requirement and fees involved.

      The CANADIAN gym trainer who died was one of the first to APPLY for amnesty!

      Contact Immigration to find out the REQUIREMENTS and stop with the baseless tactics.

      • What the hell is there to find out? Open door policy is just that. Why dont you find out that Sherfield was a birdman and part of your party when the young woman was killed, and all that went with that. Why didnt you or them complained or cared then?????

    • Idiot. Do you remember how many ladies was rape during the UPPITES rule? Do you know how many murders was committed during their reign? Clearly you have lost your brains in the toilet. Anyways it’s typically of you fools of the UPPITES party to be spouting some flushable waste.

      • @colombo
        People also say that woman from DR were paid to cry rape and a lot of labour people were paid to commit crime or report crime to create mayhem under the UPP government. How come every thing went quite after labour got back in power. Did the police solve any of the fake rapes or crime. Some labour supporters are so nasty they will do anything to stay in power.
        I will let you know that the Labour Party has more flushable waste among their supporters than UPP. Just listen to them. And they are the poorest of the poor while their prime minister and family are like Papa Doc and Baby Doc of Haiti.

        • Really paid to say that I was RAPED!!! Are you f**king kidding me. Do you know what women went through during that crazy period!!! Just please do us a favor and shut the f**k up. Who the f**k feels it knows it!!!

      • What happen to all the rapists since then? They disappeared as soon as ABLP won. For all we know, it was perhaps orchestrated by a party that will kill to get into power. Remember the burning of the canefields? The bombing of the methodist minister because he spoke out. Be careful bro, A(B)LP has a past you do not want revisited.

  2. Antigua people don’t even know the circumstances surrounding the crime but they are already jumping to conclusions and casting aspersions. I do condemn the killing/ murder, but what is the motive behind it I don’t know. Not that it can be justified in any way, shape or form, but sometimes people do things to other people and not everybody reacts the same way. I hope the perpetrator is caught and brought to ⚖️ justice.

  3. To regularise residency of anyone who has resided in Antigua more than FOUR YEARS but less than seven; and the other for those who have been resident in Antigua for more than SEVEN YEARS and would therefore qualify for citizenship.”

    “The amnesty processing fee will be EC $200.00 per person which will accompany the application form; and, an extension fee will be EC$150.00 for CARICOM nationals and EC$300.00 for non-CARICOM nationals.

    “Those CARICOM Nationals who are seeking citizenship will have an additional base fee of
    $2,000.00 and a processing fee of $200.00; and, for non-CARICOM nationals a base fee of $3,500.00 and a processing fee of $200.00 will apply,” the Cabinet Notes outlined.

  4. I remembered when Antigua had a small population of non-nationals from the smaller Caribbean islands like Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent, etc and we never had a problem in crimes. Since we began to see the large influx of Jamaicans, Spanish, Haitians and Guyanese coming into the country our beautiful paradise gone, crimes increase. Even their culture behavior become a strong influence on our young native Antiguans.

    • Thousands of non nationals have been given amnesty and citizenship. Has the government checked their background like getting a police record? Or is the government in such haste to find voters that they don’t care who is in the country?

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