Police hold two for robbing tourist


(Press Release)

Akeem  “Gotti” Joseph, 26, of Liberta and 32 year-old Jeffery “Dumbo” Thomas of Willikies are currently in police custody assisting the police with their investigations into a report of an alleged robbery, which took place at Jolly Beach Hotel early Thursday morning.

It is alleged both men offered a guest at Jolly Beach Hotel a ride in a silver Toyota Noah van C13733, and in the process robbed him at gunpoint of an undisclosed sum of money. The incident was reported to the hotel’s security, and they were both cornered and detained on the hotel’s compound. Bolans Police were called in and they were arrested and taken into custody.

Police have since recovered monies believed to have been stolen from the visitor, as well as the vehicle in question. They are likely to be charged for the offence. Both men are well-known to the Court, having committed similar and other serious offences.

Meanwhile, the Police Administration is commending the swift action taken by the security personnel in this matter, and is encouraging others to work along with the police in the interest of protecting our fragile tourism industry.

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  1. I’ve seen the punkarse coward on the left somewhere before. Didn’t realize he was such a low-life. Looks really deceiving fu choo.

  2. Gunpoint !! Known to police !! Sentence to fit, at least 5 years, no early release !! ( or am I dreaming)

    • Good point. And without the gun, the gun charges might be shaky.

      I just hope they’re given the full blunt of the law for whatever charges they’re found guilty of. Make examples of these career criminals!

      The money is found, the vehicle is found, hopefully the hotel’s cameras capture some of the experience and their police statements are used against them. Hopefully the police was able to get something out of them before their lawyers came into the picture.

  3. Hmmmmmm….
    Why this vehicle was permitted to enter JOLLY BEACH HOTEL…they had a pass to enter the premises…
    The security seems ” laxed” …did they know securoty guard …cos no should be no way an unidentified car should be on premises…..

    This is one of the reasons tourism is declining….



  4. where these guns coming from, who benefited from these guns on the streets STOP START IN THE MIDDLE TO SOLVE A PROBLEM, WE ARE NOT GETTING NOWHERE BY DOING THAT

    • Some of these store owners who bring in their containers, which are not thoroughly checked or checked at all. This is how some of them make a living, the stock in their stores hardly change but they won’t close their store, just to look legit

  5. Wait, akeem you no tired do foolishness? You child for Nolva Riley, how much more shame you go bring on your mother? You almost lose your life in jolly harbour and you gone right back there. You need a serious jail to straighten you out.

  6. Since they are well known to the police it’s obvious this isn’t the 1st time they are doing this.

    I recommend they cut off the thumb of their dominant hand. Commit another crime after that, then the entire arm of the other hand.

  7. How they didn’t show the police face when he use his position to Rob the 57 years old man of thousands of dollars. What a shame

    • That’s what i’m wondering also, what goes for one should go for all but even the news agencies who should be impartial are bias. SHAME

  8. Security wasn’t lax. If he is dropping off a guest, they must show their arm band as proof of their need to be on property.
    These two misfits are garbage and a blight on our tourism sector. I pray the judge takes into consideration their shady past and throws the entire book at them.
    Let’s get these two Menace to Society off the street for a long long time.

  9. Ok everyone .. lets think. Why would these guys wait untill they get to Jolly Beach compound to rob him…?? Hmmm.. the security looked at their faces noticed their were taking in their guest and politely allowed permission to enter.

  10. So they are dual taxi men……

    So thats how they prey … bcome legit taxi men then rob their unsuspecting victims …..
    Ploice knew this from previous encounters n complaint…YET …JOLLY BEACH STILL GRANTED THEM ACCESS…

    THEY SHOULD SUE JOLLY BEACH HOTEL for mental aggravation….

    When news lime this reach other social media who do ypu think Tourism on a whole looks….


  11. There’s a country that actually cut of the finger of thieves and robbers for each offense. Antigua should implement that law since they chose to remove the death penalty, which is causing murders to escalate in Antigua. No death penalty allows one not to think twice about taking another’s life. That too is a tragedy!!!

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