Police Hold Break-In Suspects


Two men were reportedly charged with housebreaking and larceny as police move in on suspects believed to have committed several break-ins over the past few months.

Brian Cognet and Akeem Roland were named as suspects who allegedly stole large appliances from a house in Gray Hill last month.

“A van drove up went into a person’s home took out the television and stove and stuff like that and drove off”, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Everton Jeffers told state media. “The neighbor used his head and actually took the number and color of the vehicle etcetera”.

According to Jeffers, another man is in police custody after he was reportedly caught with stolen goods in the Golden Grove area.

“One person actually saw him with a television as he was moving it from one place to the next and he has a particular mark, so it was not difficult for him to be identified”, the officer said.

The senior officer is appealing for more people to report suspicious activity to the police.

A third suspect was reportedly jailed for several months after admitting to committing two break-ins in Cooks Extension.

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  1. Am happy to hear that the thieves got caught, but reporting that it was the neighbor who was smart enough to take down number and color of vehicle was not a smart thing to do by the police department

    • I will concur. But the neighbor? How many neighbors does that house have? Was that particular neighbor name called? That neighbor actually looked out for their neighbor!!!

    • I agree that’s is so unprofessional. Like you want the people to go kill the neighbor. Really officers? Y’all really need some some real training

    • This is such poor reporting and a possible reason why persons might be hesitant to give police information on ongoing criminal activity. The police must choose their words and statements wisely when giving reports as it can then put the lives of informers in jeopardy. Our law enforcers are in serious need of tactical and public relations training. There was absolutely no need to tell the public where the intelligence came from with regards to the informers. Too Much Information. (TMI)

  2. I am glad to hear about that, but we desperately need some help in All Saints Village, where those car thieves have been reaping havoc on Toyota vehicles.

  3. Kudo to the community (neighbors) for working along with the police in catching these thieves.
    The last names of these alleged thieves do not sounds like native Antiguans and Barbudans born “Cognet and Rolland”. It would be great if their nationality can be identify since some of us are quick to point our fingers on the non-nationals (foreigners).

  4. Good news of capturing suspects, hope more will be capture. The police need to do proper investigation so that when the matters are taken before the Court there is prima facie cases to ensure convictions. Too many times cases are taken before the Court and are dismissed for want of prosecution.
    Now, the police know very well that when members of the public supply information to the Police, the police should not release the informant’s name, location or any pertaining to the informant. This is to protect the informant from back lash. What was mentioned by the police in this article

  5. what was mentioned in this article lacks professionalism but that is what happens when square pegs are put round hold.

  6. I have eight neighbors. Most people have the same of more. I am not going to condemn the reporter. To me, it encourages neighbors to be vigilant…

    • Yes, kudos to the neighbour’s and indeed we need to look out for each other but something else could have been said instead of “a neighbour* he could at least use some tactics and say *someone saw and took pictures* even though the police knew who it was but that was not for the world to know. With that said it would leave the suspects wondering if it was a neighbour or some other person(s) was/were in the area at the time and will not then target the neighbourhood. We know that some persons these days want to be wrong and strong. We all have to be very careful.

  7. As long as Antigua keeps inviting CARICOM immigrants into the country, there will be higher and higher crime levels here. It’s just a fact. Anybody been to Jamaica, Haiti or Dominican Republic recently?

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