Police find ID and items belonging to missing woman, still searching for skeletal remains




Police make a breakthrough in the Vincia James case.

Earlier this evening Police searched in the North Sound bridge area where Vincia’s ID, documents, and other identifying items were found.

Police are still searching for skeletal remains.

A man who was fishing in the area found the items.

Vincia James went missing on April 7, 2017 around 1pm.

A month after her disappearance, police charged her ex-boyfriend, Mikhail Gomes of Piggotts with her murder.

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  1. Police didn’t make any breakthrough. Police in Antigua can’t solve $hit unless they see someone with the murder weapon! But on their own, they can’t solve $hit!

    Someone stumbled across the remains and called the police. They themselves ain’t solved $hit!

    • If I was a millionaire I would pay you for that comment. So long the boy in jail. And nothing. I sure if the whole of Antigua preschool go on a nature walk the same day, the body will be found.

    • You’re such a jackass. That’s what citizens are there to play their part in solving crimes. See something report it. Hear something report it. The police don’t magically solve crime they need the help of everyone of us. And you so dotish. Seeing someone with a weapon is not an automatic conviction. There still has to be an investigation. Learn something before you run up under and article. This just brought out the dunce in you!!!!

  2. I remembered when this lady disappeared after she left work on a Friday.Time sure flies 2017 to now 2021.

  3. Police please interview home owners in the area and ask if they can recall any foul scent at the time of disappearance.
    Ask the same question to persons that usually exercise in the area etc etc etc.

  4. Fathers raise your daughters well so they will not be easily fooled by these wolves in sheep clothing and they will be able discern the difference between a man and a clown. How can a man still be a man-child?

    Most either have another man raising their child or being the father they could never fully be, they are too immature to take care of their seed because they are too busy chasing the next skirt, and this woman was yet another victim of a man-child with his insecurities. Their frontal lobes were never fully developed and I pity any woman who fall for these immature boys in grown men’s bodies. No man other than myself has a role in the development of my children, no step-father, no mommy’s boyfriend. I’m raising Kings and Queens not Clowns and Fools.

    • I know you mean well, but you’re putting blame on women for being foolish and “falling” for the wrong kind of man. How about: Parents, raise your sons well so they don’t deceive, hurt, rape or kill women.

      • I know you mean well, but raising our sons well as parents don’t guarantee they will not deceive, hurt, rape or kill women, and its not about sons only or daughters only. How about parents, raise your CHILDREN to the best of your God given ability, especially in their early stages when it is embedded in them so that when they become older they would have a solid foundation to reflect upon that will guide them in their future years. Let God be our guide in everything.

  5. Jackie Quinn needs to offer an apology for the erroneous details she put on her Facebook page pertaining to this development. That’s what happens when you try to rush to get the story first without FACT CHECKING. Jackie Quinn it is not enough to edit your post, you should offer an apology to the family and your Facebook followers.

    • She wanted to be the one who “broke the news” no consideration at all for the family of the young lady and also she forgot that the case against the prime suspect still on going

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