Police entered home in Spanish community without warrant, Martinez claims


The leader of the Spanish community in Antigua, Alex Martinez has expressed outrage over the violent arrest of a member of the community.

Martinez said  that police entered the Tindale Road home Sunday night, without a warrant, and carried out the violent arrest.

According to Martinez, the police were unaware that there was a CCTV camera in the home

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  1. So let me get this right….the man is supposed to assault the officer and run in his house and the police leave him? Ok seen


      In cases of ‘…Hot Pursuit,’ wherever the offender runs, the officer ‘MAY’ hotly pursue him. An officer ‘..SHALL NOT’ enter if the chase was broken, i.e. if the pursuing officer lost sight of the offender.

      This is the ‘…ONLY EXCEPTION’ in entering ‘…Private Property’ without a ‘Warrant.’

      Thus, if he runs into a toilet, the pursuing officer enters ‘IMMEDIATELY.’

      Still darn dangerous though.

      NEVER know what the offender may have concealed in it.

      As fast as he runs in behind the offender, the officer may darn well have to run back out as fast.

      Except exuberance and stupidity, remembering ‘…Officer Safety Training’ could prevent any avoidable and untoward eventuality.

      • Under a *State of emergency* can the police not enter any home at their own risk without a warrant?
        People seem to forget under a SOE the powers of the police increases……

  2. It would be more enlightened if there was follow up information from the police department. This one sided information sounds very much like tabloid news. Please show some balance in your reporting in all personal matters.

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      • You are a sick person.
        Why don’t you tell the person in person and stop using this medium for this BS

    • Just Saying, you and Colombo need to read the previous post concerning the St. Kitts Government and their ‘compassionate double pay’ and tell us what OUR Government is going to do for us. The Spanish vs Police issue should be of less concern

      • Why didn’t the leader of the UPP did it during his time in office especially when he was the man holding the purse. The double salary in SNK is nothing new they have been doing it for years now

  3. JUST SAYING are you losing it? What do you missing Bruce’s have to do with the article. Anyway, I thought Popeshead Street was your nightly hang out spot 😂.

    • When we going to have access to the bus and go for the lime? The girls are rearing and ready to go. They are juicy like the ham I understand UPP is giving out.

      • JUST SAYING I see that you miss my position on the buses. The 3 buses were donated to Antigua and Barbuda by the government of South Korea. Our government agreed that the buses would be use for community purposes and to facilitate transportation of senior citizens in the constituencies. The defendants were found not guilty of the charges brought against them. The case is over. However, it is my position that the three buses should be used for the purpose for which they were intended i.e., constituency and community use. The buses cannot or should not be used by any of the defendants for their personal use. That would be completely absurd.

    • Wilmoth Daniel has a STRIPPER POLE BUS so no need for Popeshead Street. Imagine the President of South Korea being so fond of the calabash/crossroads-someone-in-my-own-party-bribed-me politician that he PERSONALLY GIFTED him a bus to be used as a MOBILE WHOREHOUSE.

      When did Wilmoth and the SK President meet? Was it at the UN General Assembly?

  4. MELCHESIDEC your constitutional rights still exist unless it is a special situation as presently exist with covid and laws are passed to abridge our constitutional rights. The only difference is, is that under a state of emergency the police powers of detention are greater.

  5. You are a sick person.
    Why don’t you tell the person in person and stop using this medium for this BS

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