Police detain man wanted for Murder in Dominica; suspect believed to have entered Antigua illegally by boat



A man who is wanted for murder in the Commonwealth of Dominica is in the custody of local police, after he reportedly was picked up in the English Harbour area yesterday, December 1.

Reports say that officers from the Narcotics Department were on duty at that location when they detained the 29-year-old man at about 3 p.m.

He was arrested and taken to the Langfords Police Station pending preparations for him to be returned to Dominica to answer to criminal charges.

It is believed that the suspect entered the country illegally, more than likely via boat, a source says.

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  1. How many more of them kind running around Antigua robbing and terrorizing people when they have no jobs. Glad he is caught and sent back to his country to face the music.

  2. After you kill people antigua u coming n hide ur dirty sins just go back D/A and face your judgement

  3. What about the murderers for Nigel Christian? Who is going to squeal first? Time to ask for more money to keep quiet. They can more than afford to pay.

    And what about the human trafficking of Mehul Choksi to Dominica with the help of the key person over there? Time to ask for more money to keep quiet. They can more than afford to pay.

  4. I’ll always say I’m not Dominican. I would sell my nationality if I could. The country, the people, the society it’s all just terrible.
    Never been so ashamed to call myself a Dominican.

    • Absolutely terrifying comments I’ve always wondered and said the same thing. That is why they never get along with each other here, No embassy, no association and nothing else but rum drinking and backstabbing at its highest level, even the local hucksters says it constantly. I never get involved in anything they have to do or say and I prefer to remain an expat the rest of my days. God bless Antigua & Barbuda!

    • This is such a foolish remark. Like some people should just shut up.
      Do you not see that the corruption is the same everywhere?

    • This is such a foolish remark. Like some people should just shut up.
      Do you not see that the corruption is the same everywhere

  5. There are several, can remember standing with a Jamaican guy one day and he said look who in Antigua! He went on to point out to us a guy whom he knew back in Jamaica as a very dangerous criminal. I also heard a guy testified once in a church that he was a convicted criminal back home and when he got to Antigua he made a conscious decision to change his life and never go back to criminal activities. I said to myself how many more like him are here and continuing in their criminal ways.

  6. A newspaper and a journalist needs to protect their sources, but it is the responsibility of Melford Nicholas and Max Hurst to jointly inform the public.
    Heads of Government bodies and their staff are typically allowed to be sources of information off the record.
    So this accused murderer is being held and while he is in custody, and a source states they believe he illigally entered by boat. He was picked up in by a narcotic squad. Was this accused murderer on the run involved in narco trafficking in English Harbour?
    Did this person refuse to state how he entered the country.
    Did he arrive by a one man boat? Who else was involved?
    Transparency is what you promised
    Mr Attorney General we need to know.
    Mr. Police Commissioner we need to know.
    Head of CID we need to know
    He is being processed to be returned to Dominica. Does he have an attorney? Isn’t there an extradition process?

  7. Niggel Benjamin’s death was judicial killing.The little foolie boys they arrested may be lucky enough to beat the rap. Should they be convicted they know their lives are at risk if they ever disclosure their “murder for hire” procurers.
    It’s better they and they and their families get taken care of while they are in jail; than to disclose who hired them.
    This will go down like many others. A quiet closing of the case for the Police gas lost the files,mishandled the files, or are not prepared so the judge says: Let the boys out.

  8. We have someone as we speak driving a CD plate in Antigua who was involved in criminal activity from a Caribbean so called big island

  9. Journalism in Antigua is of a poor taste. A man who is wanted in Dominica for murder was found in Antigua and detained to return to Dominica to face trial. What in God’s name that his name is being withheld. Say who he is so that people can know. Disgusting

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