Police Denounce Allegations of Arrest of Government Official

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

The Police Administration is denying anyone was arrested, including any government official for drugs related offences at a business place in Liberta over the weekend.

On Saturday 10th July, police officers attached to the All Saints, Dockyard, and Liberta Police Stations, along with the Joint Task Force conducted a routine stop and search exercise in the district.

A search was conducted in the area, and a small quantity of cannabis was found and seized by the police.


However, in a separate incident, a Liberta man was taken into custody, after he was found with a portion of Cannabis in his possession. Further investigations are ongoing into the matter.

The Police Administration is again making an appeal to members of the public to desist from circulating false and misleading information without first contacting the police.

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  1. Look 👀 how quick he run 🏃 to the media and when Choksi was missing and alleged kidnap we na hear nothing from the said Police 👮‍♀️ Commissioner mouth 👄. I don’t even think he has said anything up to now on the Choksi matter. According to the news reports one of his staff member was a security guard for Choksi according.

  2. Gaston and the other tyrant in Dominica should be arrested for high crimes . Criminal , Liar and self Enricher Gaston and the other tyrant in Dominica should be arrested for high crimes . Criminal , Liar and self Enricher

    Too cute Cutie Benjamin had basically nothing to say about Choski .
    Police Commissioner had nothing to say and last but not least Minister of foreign Affairs about an kidnapping.on Àntigua soil .
    Now after a misterious wave of a wand everybody can find their tongue now .
    My family has been involved since the early days of ALP but I tell you , this group stinks from the head down every last one of them

  3. Did his puppet master gave him permission to speak this time but put on his muzzle on other more important matters of public interest?

  4. These Charlatans always spouting nonsensical comments with utter foolishness due to their insane Political lineage. These people have no credibility, decency, morality and honesty. Don’t want to know the truth without always making these outlandish comments.

  5. I think you as the Commissioner of Police. You would need to get up from behind that desk and walk around St.Johns. Go out into the fields with your patrols. Drive around on all shifts to see your operations as the head honcho. It would give you a hands on sense. As to what those in the trenches are feeling daily.

  6. What is a “routine stop and search”? Police can just stop anyone randomly and search them? I thought that that had ended with the illegal strip search of teachers at a school a few years ago when it was made clear afterwards that Police do not have the right to search anyone without a court order from the Magistrate. Police are now randomly stopping people and searching them? Is this really happening?

    • Police can stop you and ask questions. They cannot search you legally unless you say so. They would ask and you say no or yes.The Island is under a State of Emergency.So the Police could be using that Emergency power as an excuse to usurp the Law.

  7. I guess criticism is not welcome. No problem. The one who holds the pen is mightier than the one that holds the sword.

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