Police couple charged with theft in the US returns to Antigua

There were reported to be some concerns among local police officers as two police constables who were reported to have been arrested by the Connecticut, Norwalk Police Department on alleged attempted stealing charges, have quietly returned home over the weekend.

The duo, Robert and Monya Dyer, husband wife and their two children, are said to be back on island after a short duration vacation in the United States.

It was reported that the male officer had reported for duty, but was absent from the previous Government House posting. His wife Monya Dyer was said to be still on vacation leave.

Amidst speculations and widespread media reports on the alleged incident and a Police Press Release confirming it, the Police high command, said to have received an official report on the incident from the Norwalk Police was said to have been evasive of questions on what course or courses of action, if any, shall be taken against the officers.

At the time of the incident, both officers were said to have been placed on a US$1,000 Bail bond. There was no indication that they had appeared at a hearing before their departure.

Likened to the membership, members of the public were also said to be in a state of anxiety and expectation.

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    • It seems like need is very scarce for you to be speculating. How many people travel daily and return daily.What was so different about their return. If they had committed a crime would they have been allowed to leave without paying the penalty. Why is it that they are evasive, because there is nothing to report. Careful a law suit is brewing they have been very quiet for a reason. Duncy bat you have the right name. Your comments day it all.

    • What does that say. I would like to know. They have two children who are loved and cared for.

      • Ask the mother. The apple don’t fall far from the tree.


        • Have mercy you can spell, why don’t you thank the mother and go look for your brother. He too can read.

  1. Actually nothing ro report. They could mot travel if they were charged with a crime. Seems like a genuine mix up. Lets drop this. Let the people move on with their life

    • If it were someone else, would you be as quick to say let’s drop it and move on??

      Trying to stuff the elephant under the carpet won’t make it disappear.

      Time will tell if it was an honest mistake or brazen sticky-fingers act.

      I hope for their sakes it is the former.

    • @Truths and rights. The headline clearly states they were CHARGED. Did you miss that part? Or you just skipped the article and rushed to comment ignorantly?

      Hope you are not a “wrong and strong” parent whose child can do no wrong.

  2. As I said before these two will be rewarded for their bravery by promotions soon. You see it’s a favor for a favor. In this force once the higher ups start to be very good with the lower downs. Well we know the rest.

  3. They did not steal anything antiguan police are nice people fun people they take care of people they love people they are not criminals

  4. Blah blah blah from all the stories being thrown around seems a honest mistake, and since we down here like to let go tourist like the lady with the bullets in her bag why can the usa return the favor.

    • NORWALK — Two Antiguan police constables and third person were caught trying to steal items from a local Costco.

      Monya Roberts, Robert Dyer and Janice Gittens were taken into custody on April 13 after store employees allegedly caught them in the act of stealing from the store.
      The three reportedly filled up three shopping carts with items and only paid for two carts-worth using the store’s self-checkout lane. Police estimate the shoplifted were worth about $900.

      Roberts and Dyer, two constables of Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, were on vacation to the U.S. at the time of the incident, according to the Antigua Observer.

      It is unclear what Gittens’ relationship to the married couple is, police said.

      The three were each charged with fifth-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit fifth-degree larceny. They were all held on $1,000 bond, and were to appear in court April 26.

      There was little other information regarding the matter since the case was statutorily sealed, according to court clerks in Norwalk.

  5. We need to hear the rest of this story. Journalists, get to work! There is a shadow over these two people. What is the truth??

    • We will never know because they have there are police officers and if it was ordinary people we will be all over it .

  6. Why is the police high command being so tight-lipped? The more secretive (real or perceived) the more room is left for rumours, speculation and innuendos.

    Just today I heard that it was the Commissioner who allegedly paid the bail for them.

  7. Seems like the RPFAB was trying to contain the information. Someone on the inside leaked the info to ZDK and only then did the Police Command issue a press release.

    So apparently police officers and politicians are part of the “protected class” of citizens. The untouchables if you please.

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