Police continue to operate bar in St. John’s


A police bar in St. John’s continues to operate even though they have been told to close it down.

It’s also happening at a time when the police are launching frequent operations to close down other bars deemed to be operating illegally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can’t tell you how many times the Prime Minister has told them they can’t do that,” Government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst said on Observer Radio this morning.

“It’s historic, you know. That bar has been in operation ever since there’s a police station there.

“The Prime Minister has indicated — of course he’s not in charge of the police, the Attorney General is — that that bar ought not to be open to people from the public and it’s certainly ought not to have a clustering of people there as some have reported that it has.”



  1. So how is it the police can be operating a bar even after hours but want to shut down other people bar who are just trying to make a living?

  2. Shut that damn thing down, and chain the doors. Last thing we need now are drunken cops on our streets. The PM told them to shut it down. NOW DO IT! If they won’t then some people need to be fired. We are in a pandemic, people, and the ordinary citizens won’t put up with this. Obey your Prime Minister. Shut it down. The people want it so. Drink in your own homes, if you really must.

    • When Pringle spoke of the double standard in regards to gatherings.The people tried to behead him in this medium.Now that Max Hurst is saying the same thing.Now what?Read the third paragraph.The Prime Minister addressed this matter.Telling them they can’t do that.They continued anyway.What does that tells you.Did they mooned him?

  3. Pay attention to the Psychology ! 6 months we in a state of emergency and only now this makes news. What goes for one only goes for some

  4. Is this a case of ” DO AS I SAY & NOT WHAT I DO” ? This is disgraceful & a burning shame!!! Where is the Commissioner Of Police in all this….. Come on Mr. Commissioner, you were given a job to do. Now is the perfect time to flex your muscles…. The actions of your subordinates are a reflection of you….. If the police need respect from us the citizenry then they should give us respect and also follow the laws of the land. The laws were not made for some…. They were made for all….. Like the minister of the cloth, those officers who were involved in the operation of the bar should be charged left, right and center. Our policemen & women need to be professional……The organization demands it! If you, who are in authority are not exercising professionalism ….. how can we?

    • Those who disobey and don’t follow the rules (and the rulers) they need to be charged and locked up, brought before the Judge. The people want it so. Shut the place down. We’re in a pandemic!!!

  5. Double Standard is the norm in Antigua.The Prime Minister needs to call in the Police Minister and the Commissioner of Police.That should not be allowed to happen at all.Regardless of the operators of such a Bar.The Law is the Law is the Law.No one is above the Laws of the Land.When you allowed this to happen.How could you then go and arrests others in the society for doing the same things.Police,you should not and cannot break the Laws you swore to uphold.

  6. In addition to that and to compound the illegality, all the drinks, all the rum, the beers and all other soft and alcoholics drinks are imported duty and tax free illegally.Guess who grant this illegal concession.

  7. Here we go again, yellow journalism at its best! And we the general public, ever starved for sensational, political headlines, relish such like starved carnivores. The operation of a bar in Antigua is NOT illegal. The bar in question has been around for decades, surviving several opposing administrators. What is indeed illegal is the failure of bars to adhere to the protocols imposed in these covid-19 conditions. Was this failure mentioned anywhere in the article? No! Instead an undated file photo was thrown in to further arouse passions. Please! Why do these journalists (and politicians) think that we the public are so mindless that they can feed us lies and half truths and we just grab on to them and spread the garbage on their behalf. To the reading Public, it’s time to grow up! Redirect the crap thrown at you. Think for yourselves.

    • Obviously, the bar isn’t following protocols/recommendations set out by the authorities that most businesses should follow. This leads speculation base on the cluster of people in the image, as to whether the establishment would have gone through the inspection and certification that other business have to.

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