UPDATE: Over half a million dollars worth of Cannabis found in appliances


Over half a million dollars’ worth of Cannabis was seized during an Anti-Narcotics operation at Deep Water Harbour on Wednesday.

The Police Narcotics and K-9 Departments, along with Customs seized a total of 40 ¼ pounds of Cannabis with a street value of $536,500.


The illegal substance was discovered hidden inside a shipment of household appliances coming out of Canada.

Two men were held in connection with the incident and are now in custody assisting the police with their investigations.


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    • Gaston …is this the embarrassment you endorsed…whilst they have monies THEY CAN BUYANTIGUAN CITIZENSHIP…AMBASSADORSHIP….



  1. Lock dem up and throw away the key! We now have to put Canada on the watch list. Great job by the police K-9 and customs.

  2. Congratulations to the authorities for a job well done. Lock these fools up and throw away the key.

  3. Canada,Oh Canada.There are no crimes and or criminals in Canada.Here is a question.This cannabis 40 lbs is worth over $536,000.So how much was that 29.5 lbs of Cannabis worth.Where the person was fine $1,000 in the Court.A few months ago.A Canadian man gunned down 22 persons up in Halifax,Nova Scotia.It was in the news but for a second.Because it happened in Canada.Because there are no crimes and or criminals in Canada.If you do believed that,think again.The reason why we believed that.The TV stations we watched are mostly USA based.We hear very,very,little about crimes in Canada.So many of us believed there are no crimes and or criminals there in Canada.Are there gangs in Canada.Now drugs are being smuggled in appliances from there to Antigua.

  4. Legalise the cannabis so it can be sold legally for medicinal purposes. There are plenty people in the country that need it.

  5. When police go have sale on the appliances, is that a dryer I’m looking at? It would be nice if it’s propane and electric to help reduce my APUA bill

  6. Stop putting our resources into fighting cannabis! Divert the efforts elsewhere!!
    Also, when them appliances gonna be up for sale?

  7. People are talking as if Canadians did something wrong. Saying to put Canada on a watch list. Sorry to disappoint you all but it’s not canadians sending drugs to Antigua, it’s more than likely an Antiguan in that country sending it to Someone here in Antigua.

    So there is no reason to put Canada on a watch list as if Canada would care anyway.

  8. Like them nuh see ah wah kind ah times now low the man them mek them hustle if not so well watch robbing and killing …ooops sorry

  9. The faster we can get the Jamaican and D.R. drug pushers out of our beautiful island-nation, the better.

  10. you people out there who feels it knows it why did not the authority say the name or names of the person who the drugs come to in Antigua. The two person that is in custody need to speak out and dont go to jail for no one. maybe there are law officer behind it. so mr. custom officer comeclean and let the nation knowwho the drug belong.

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