Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson Should Negotiate PM Says

Former Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called on Police Commissioner Wendell Robinson to
negotiate his future with the Police Service Commission.

The PSC is making moves to remove Robinson who has been on paid suspension for the last
two years and counting “in the public interest.”

But Browne says Robinson cannot remain on suspension forever and the police force cannot
remain without a consistency at the top.

The prime minister told Pointe FM over the weekend that he thinks the best solution is for
Robinson to agree to a negotiated settlement.

“I believe the matter could be better resolved if he agreed to be transferred into a different
position which will be equivalent or close to equivalent to being commissioner in terms of
status and pay,” the prime minister suggested.

He also said “it’s not fair to the individual who has been acting for about two years now.”

Robinson has taken the PSC to court over his suspension for not adhering to a court ruling
which called for his immediate reinstatement as commissioner. Instead of reinstating him the
PSC suspended him again.

Browne is on the opinion that if this matter is going to be mired in “then clearly there has to be some level of negotiation with the commissioner to resolve this issue.”

He said a negotiation is needed because the commissioner’s relationship with the Minister for
National Security has been sullied.

“And that if the impasse remains and he is going to tie up the commission in court and to prevent the type of continuity that is required within the police force, then perhaps he would have to retire in the public interest,” Browne stated.

He added that “we cannot have this impasse continue indefinitely and to keeo our police force in a state of flux.”

The prime minister said that even if Robinson was again vindicated by the courts, he cannot see him resuming duties as commissioner.

“And I don’t know that, based on what would have happened in the last couple years, even if he is vindicated, I do not know that he could go back in the position of commissioner.

“Because clearly, you going to have issues of impacting on moral and so on in the police force and again he’s had acrimonious relationships with the minister and others,” Browne said.

“And I am saying this as his friend because I don’t have no issue with him,” the prime minister

The PSC purported to charge Robinson after male officers and a civil accused him of sexual
harassment. Robinson dismissed the charges saying that they cannot be brought against him
because of his rank and other reasons.



  1. What the hell am I reading here is this man for real. This shit is like a soap opera, the commissioner is seeking justice in our courts and you asking him to throw in the towel. Fire your inept minister that is what Robinson should say to you. Well if you and Robinson are friends I would love to see what you do to your enemies. This matter against the commissioner should serve as a warning to all police officers, keep as far as possible from politicians. The PSC is full of all political hacks no wonder why the public don’t trust the police force. Robinsons I hope you take this country to the cleaner’s because it seems the citizens of this country love politicians more than the country.

  2. Put him back as commissioner, follow the court rule and make them work together. Both persons i admire, the minister and the commissioner. I am now calling upon you and the PSC to re-instate the man.

    If one must be let go, both must be. If one must be kept, both must be kept. Put him back on the job, if he screws up, fire him. If the minister screw-up, fire him. Do the right thing.

  3. Mr. PM just admit it if Mr. Roberson is fired he is going to the government to court and be awarded a hefty sum. Just save the tax payers of A&B a lot of $$$ reinstate Mr. Roberson then transfer him into another position.

  4. Knight In Shining Armour

    Please listen to the Prime Minister when He Speaks. You just fully opposed of whatever the Prime Minister stated. You and The whole Observer Media Group are a bunch of UPP Supporters hiding behind the MOVEMENT ORGANIZATION. I hope someday you Guys will come clean. If Harold Lovell and the UPP have done so well while in office what is the reason for losing Their entire CABINET in the last ELECTION ? I hope someday you will realize that you are supporting the wrong party. In 2023 election when the UPP will lose ALL Their seats I would like to hear all excuses from Knight , Serpent , Cleon Athill ,Gladys Potter and Janice Samuel whom You Guys threw under the bus. Let Us wait for 2023. Also I will watch the FLOP UPP protest on Thursday. Looking forward. Hon. Gaston Browne is the best Prime Minister in the Caribbean.

  5. Rupert Mann/Gaston Browne:One and the same? You are not feeling the pain of others.I hope the march on Thursday is over whelming.That all things stopped in St Johns.You Labor Party supporters are all catching hell for most part.Yet you would rather suffocate than breathe one word of disapproval.When a Government make a bad decision.It affects most of those who are financially vulnerable.Labor Party supporters and others fall into that category.

  6. Hope some of these Dumb Assholes who want to govern this little bit of Paradise never get a chance to do so. How can you want to run this bit of Paradise and suggesting “taking it to cleaners”. If you are against the politicians, suggest some thing for them but the country?….then state “people love politicians more then country” Give some people a platform and it doesn’t take long before they show their ignorance.

  7. The PM is correct again see repost

    October 17, 2019 at 9:11 am
    Mr Robinson please accept my advice, no need to consult your lawyers.

    You will be a millionaire by the time this is settled.

    And for good measure in the separation package negotiate for another top job.

    Common sense suggest their hands are tied.

    October 17, 2019 at 9:19 am
    One more thing Me Robinson ensure your full pension is intact.

    And the matter of the accusation from the four officers is properly disposed of.

  8. Under Robinson the police force was running well. Them politicians corrupt an they better be careful he don’t expose them an their dirty secrets.

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