Police Commissioner issues mandatory vaccination policy to officers

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

Police officers have been given official notice of the implementation of government’s mandatory vaccination policy.

In a letter to members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, officers were informed that they must show proof of vaccination before they are able to perform their duties or enter the workplace.

The letter was dated September 23 and was signed by Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney.

Beginning October 1, officers must present proof of vaccination or exemption or otherwise remain home on “leave without pay”.

“Consequently, all police officers are required to submit to the Commissioner of Police through the Human Resource Department the original COVID19 vaccination card”, Rodney said.

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      While the issue at hand is one of ‘…Grave National Concern,’ and the objective is quite clear ‘…ACHIEVING FORCE IMMUNITY,’ from an administrative perspective, the matter may have been handled differently.


      NOW: …If Commissioner Rodney can show a ‘…LEGAL AUTHORITY IN THE POLICE ACT’ [Chapter 330] or prove by whatever means ‘Power’ resides in him:

      (a) ‘…That rank and file officers were employed by him;

      (b) …The officers are in his employ; and that

      (c) …He pays them,’ then he might be grounded in law to write that which was purportedly
      written by him.

      If these are not so, then he runs the risk of inviting legal problems into his hands.

  1. All a areu a wicked and heartless people Fu force people Fu put unnatural stuff in their bodies and if the don’t they lose their job and years of Service.
    Where is the Police Welfare Association where members of the Force contribute to monthly and some not benefiting; them get one dose a hush?
    People should not be pressured into doing anything.
    If a Police record a statement from an accused person under duress it can have consequences if it comes out in the Court. THIS MANDATORY SHIT IS NO BETTER.

    • Why you na shut your stupid pie hole? You go feed the officers and their family? Maybe your criminal enterprise is blooming since you under every news item talking about vaccine. You put all kind a shit in ya body, alcohol, high leaf, cannabis, kfc and you still alive, but you a talk bout vaccine. You one minute in the sport light gone. Go sit in a corner and pout!

      • You BAFFON, you seem to know a lot about me more than I know of myself. What I consume, criminal enterprise etc but I insist vaccine…YES….mandatory…..NO losing job a d years of Service….NO. Put yourself the those officers place; would you like that? You and Gaston have no 💜 and loves no one but all you self. Let’s go in the corner together let me squeeze you ass.

  2. It’s sad to know that the same policemen that was shooting rubber bullets and tear gas most of them are unvaccinated as well….

    • AMEN ‘…OJ.

      Saw a another version. Means the same darn thing, though.

      Reads in part, ‘…When the wicked rule, the people groan’ [Proverbs 29: 2].

      Blessed are the pure in spirit.

      Blessed Saturday.

  3. My people perish from lack of knowledge.

    Helping to save officers lives as well as citizens is not a crime.

    Well done Commissioner.

    • I hope when he’s facing half a dozen lawsuits all you so ready for mandatory vaccines help his ass out , an army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep

  4. The government had a duty to do, and if we should fail to follow government policies and procedures,,we all might died from COVID-19,,,so please let us stop arguing with the government and take the vaccine 💉,so we can build up back the economy….

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