Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney Elected President of Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney expresses his gratitude and humility upon his election as the President of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP).

This momentous occasion occurred during the 37th annual meeting and conference held in Trinidad and Tobago, which concludes today.

Commissioner Rodney views this as an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of policing in our region.

Steadroy Benjamin, the Attorney General and Public Safety Minister, conveys his congratulations to Commissioner Rodney on behalf of the Government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

AG Benjamin emphasizes that the election reflects the immense respect and admiration Commissioner Rodney commands among his fellow police chiefs.

He further highlights the invaluable leadership that Commissioner Rodney brings to the police force of Antigua and Barbuda as they endeavor to maintain law and order in our nation.

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  1. Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    If the Authorities in Antigua stay busy performing their job functions, then would not have the time to head all these regional and international organizations.
    Taking Antigua tax payers money and doing no work is a crime.


      (i) ‘…You are one darn ‘…Smart Cookie:

      (ii) …No Guessing:


      (iii) ‘…The ‘Chairmanship’ of this Association is ‘…ROTATIONAL:’

      (iv) ‘…This is ‘…Antigua and Barbuda’s Turn to ‘Chair,’ and not necessarily due to ‘
      ‘..Sentimental Expressions:

      (v) …There is, but one ‘…Commissioner of Police’ for ‘…Antigua and Barbuda;’

      (vi) …Nothing ‘…Meritorious’ was done, and had to be done:

      (vii) …Hence, NO Commisisoner ever ‘…EDGED-OUT’ any of the other regional


      Never, and none contibuting to this Page, shall be fooled by ‘…SENTIMENTALITY.’

      Still, ‘…Congratulations to Commissioner Atlee Rodney QPM.’


      • Mr. Pompey, if it is so that it is just Antigua’s turn to take over the Chairmanship, why them was he elected? I mean, Caricom has the revolving chairmanship and that is not an election.

  2. So please use this new level of influence to better the security of our nation and stop the bullsh*T that’s plaguing our communities.

  3. Mr. Ralson Pompey: Thank you so much!! for informing us and clearing up the confusion.
    Once again Cutie Benjamin displays his disingenuous lying character, or stupidity with “AG Benjamin emphasizes that the election reflects the immense respect and admiration Commissioner Rodney commands among his fellow police chiefs.”
    The man got there on rotation. Its simply Antigua turn for the position. Is there anything you can get right Cutie?

  4. Congrats Commish. My family and I wish you continued success. Much appreciation for your efforts to help keep A&B moderately safe (says US state department). No doubt your faith in God and not only your great ability that has created this success. Still reeling from the advise of one of your officers, a few years ago, that we invest in geese rather than guard dogs. Cannot help but remember a time when there was constant changes at the top and we faced a potential ban from UK tourists

    “In 2007 there were 19 murders in Antigua and Barbuda, compared to 388 in Trinidad and Tobago and 1,574 in Jamaica.

    But although the muder rate is low, the death toll of 19 represents a significant leap from previous years; Antigua and Barbuda have in the past had an average of seven murders a year (lower since this new commish).

    Last month saw three gun-related murders in Antigua alone. (see Caribbean shooting: how safe is Antigua? .telegraph., July 2008”

  5. Congrats Mr. Rodney. I’m not a fan of yours. But I must give you credit. Hope you keep up the good job that was done over the past few days in apprehending these criminals swiftly. If needs be, we can create our own Guantanamo Bay prison here. Let them talk, we need to know who imports all these guns into the country. How do these guns end up in so many young guys’ hands? And where they get all the ammunition from. Look inside the force as well. See if ammunition is missing from time to time.

  6. Many of you like to get titles. Then you would disappear from doing your responsibilities. No bady tall, lob mo tikle dan are you inna Antiqua.Just hoping my dialect is fully understood.


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