Police charge Cheryl Thompson with human trafficking

Cheryl Thompson

Police have arrested and charged Cheryl Thompson of Paradise View on five counts of Debt Bondage in relation to Human Trafficking and five counts of Human Trafficking.

The charges were laid on Friday, June 2.

Police said the offence occurred in St Johns in December 2017, January 2018 and February 2018.

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  1. Wow! Police finally growing teeth in a positive way? Kudos.
    That person never heard the saying: “Do onto others what you would like done onto you?” Maybe; but power, greed and selfishness rule the world in this era.

  2. Tarl man something wrong and me ain’t go hut me head but ask who you think has the best lips she or the Commissioner?

    • Duncy WENDY beat she out by millions of miles. The only difference is Cheryl is naturally a female is GENETICALLY MADE LOL.

  3. I wish she would pay up for the accident /damages she caused..She buss the stop sign and ran into me .guess means my case gonna have to go back to square one now. Crazy how life works

  4. This will never go to trial and will end up like all the previous times that she was arrested I am saddened to say this but she is a staunch ABLP defender and an elections officer in the St. John’s Rural North Constituency (York’s Precinct). Mark my word…this will end where it all started and nothing will come of this. Politics will intervene as usual and save the day for the comrades. She has been trafficking women here for years, ably assisted by Immigration, Police and others whilst holding on to the passport and other travel document for the ladies in question. We are a poppy show country.

  5. Useless, I totally agree. Nothing will come of this as this woman has been doing this for years. It is so sad though how the powers that be watched on while she continued. We have no idea what these ladies were promised before they reached our shores. She is a monster and the law might not get her put she will continue to pay for her crimes in other ways. God naar sleep.

  6. Y’all just luv talk a lot of shit y’all don’t know about , cherry had never human traffick any 1 they all came on there free will all she did was bought there ticket , many girl call cherry phone wanting to cum Antigua if thm look good she buy them ticket thts how it goes. Nw cherry club may not be the best looking club but she ain’t forcing no body to be there , the lady AVE her rules like every other club witch is pay her fee every time an keep she place clean thts all , but u AVE sum crasses woman weh cum with dem nastiness an dem nuh like clean an dem nuh like pay money , wt the girls dem didn’t tell u y’all tht most of them cum to sell an cherry nt having it thts y cherry always a cus dem out , cherry tell them don’t bring no man to the house an they still do it so cherry get mad an cus dem and they couldn’t take It so they run away an go to a next club with dem nasty ass an report the lady for no reason . But wt the police should’ve done is ask them girl if cherry ever hit them r send dem to sell there bodies they gonna tell u no an ask them y cherry cus thm u would be supervised, if any body knw cherry they will tell u cherry luv she money an she don’t like girl tht sell them body thts y ppl think cherry trying to control thm but they can’t blame her because of things like this , I have worked with her for yrs nw an I never had tht problem with her an I always go back to jam dung, so plz do ur proper investigation b4 u let her go to jail for ur own personal reasons an I knw most of u don’t like her an want to see her go to jail. But ask ur self this question y would cherry do the things she does ?

  7. Glitta Dust you need to read your comment in your defense of Cherry. First thing this story is about Cheryl. Nobody knows the Cherry you are talking about. Your account of your Cherry for whom you worked is completely different from that of Cheryl this article is talking so clearly you are talking about a total different person.
    Sorry go check your facts

  8. Glitta dust – Please do yourself a favour in life and turn on spell check, or better yet, go back to school. I am pretty sure grade 1 children can do better than thiar. You have just embarrassed yourself, not with defending this woman but by showing just how illiterate you are. No one would ever take any comment you make seriously if that’s how it is written. You really should be embarrassed. Especially in a day and age of SPELLCHECK

  9. Time for the people of this country show the government who have the real power. They need to be put into place. They’re always trying to pull strings n get away with it. Fight Antigua people fight

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